Ay, ay, ay. What to do with my blog. The problem with keeping one for so long, and investing so much time in it, is that there is a compulsion to keep filling it up with new posts, even when there is no real content to fill it with. I’m going to resist the compulsion. Not that I’m going to abandon this piece of internet turf. I’m just going to stick to the concept I have largely stuck to over the last few years. I’ll use it to record my exploits in the world.

That does mean I’ll be posting less frequently. Here, anyway. But I have a new blog on Tumblr. I’ve always liked Tumblr, but never found a real use for it. I think I have one now though. The concept is simple. Sharing. Thoughts, opinions and reports that fit into two paragraphs or less – anything longer and I guess it belongs on here. Links that I find. The items that I share on Google Reader. And other bits and bobs.

I’ve usually done this through Facebook, but then it disappears never to be found again. Sometimes I want to find things again. And seeing as all my Tumblr content gets pumped through Facebook anyway, it seems an effective way to share and organise stuff. So I hope to see you on my Tumblr blog – click here to go have a looky see. It has a couple of funky features by the by – Submit content for my consideration (!) or Ask A Question. Feel free to make use of both.


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