Mexico Monday #4

WordPress’ Random Post feature pulled a right oldie out of the hat this week. Was it really five years ago that I went to see Depeche Mode in DF? It appears so. I went to see a few shows in Mexico City. Jamie Cullum, Lila Downs and a UNAM tribute to Queen at the Teatro Metropolitan. What’s left of The Doors and Les Miserables at the Auditorio Nacional. Roger Waters at the Palacio de los Deportes, just a few months ago. Carmina Burana and Mexican Folk Ballet at Belles Artes. And Depeche Mode at Foro Sol. Maybe a couple more that don’t spring to mind.

I think this will be one area where living in the UK scores a point over Mexico though. More bands play more nights in more arenas more often in the UK. I’m sure Paola will appreciate this difference in particular. The Bournemouth International Centre just down the road hosts a few big names every now and again – Duran Duran next month and Paul Simon in the summer. But the many London arenas that see the most music action are just an hour or two away on the bus.

Regards the last sentence in my old post – full respect to my former countrymen and women. I’m buggered if I ever managed to learn the words to any Spanish language songs, even the ones I really liked. Actually, I take that back….there is one.

Depeche Mode In Mexico City

It’s a bit weird being a Brit in Mexico City sometimes. Depeche Mode have been going a long time, and have a reasonable cult following in the UK, but they are hardly superstars. I did a blog on music in Mexico a while ago, and mentioned how popular Brit music is here.

And Depeche Mode especially. Fringe they might be back home – here they are superstars. They played the first of two nights here at the Foro Sol arena last night – and I went to see.

To be honest, I like a few of their songs, but haven’t ever gone so far as to buy an album. So I didn’t have the enthusiasm I might show at a Pink Floyd show. But they did rock, and it was a great performance, not least because the atmosphere was awesome. Funny how most Mexicans can’t speak English, but can recite musical hits word perfect – not a single pronunciation error during the prolonged Enjoy the Silence chorus.


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