Pinhole Photography

Yesterday was World Pinhole Photography Day. Apparently. Pinhole photography is probably the most basic type of photography possible. But it can still produce some unique and interesting images. I don’t have a pinhole camera, but I do have the next best thing – a Pinhole Art setting. The pinhole style of photography is so often featured in the art settings of cameras and software, which I guess means it still has appeal.

I took a few snaps, but only one really came out that was pleasing enough to the eye to deserve an upload to Flickr. Pinhole puritans would no doubt scoff at my effort, but phooey to them. I’ve got a few photos of Bournemouth’s pier, but never from this height and angle, and never with so much sun in the sky and holiday makers on the beach.

The weather in southern England has been positively scorching for a couple of weeks. It’s brought summer along early, with the trees now full with leaves and grockles out in force. Not that I’m complaining. I like warm, sunny days. It’s just like being back in Mexico. Except there’s no taquerias, mariachis, pollution….



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