Mexico Monday #5

This week’s random blast from the past comes from May 16th 2009

A Mexico City magazine has a competition going for the city’s photographers. All of them….no professional qualifications required. The basic premise of the competition is simple. On the 29th May, go out and take photos of the city. They are looking for 24 photos, one for each hour of the day. So there will be 24 winners, with one lucky photographer getting their pic on the front cover and a prize of 3,000 pesos, whilst the other 23 get a free copy of the magazine with their name credited to their shot.

I’m not sure whether I ever probably reported the result. I probably did. I was one of the lucky chosen 24 winners. My snap got into the magazine, a free copy of which I was allowed to collect. I never got round to picking it up though, sadly. However, my more recent (and considerably more profitable) entry into a magazine did find its way into my possesion. A company sourcing images for Volaris’ inflight magazine stumped up nearly $200 for two of my photos of the Nevado de Toluca and sent me a complimentary copy to boot. Which was very nice of them.


6 thoughts on “Mexico Monday #5

  1. Kim G says:

    Hola Gary!

    Just got back from Semana Santa in Old Mexico. We rented a car and drove from DF to Xalapa, and then Papantla, Mexico’s vanilla capital, and also gateway to El Tajin, an ancient Totonac city that thrived between 700 and 900 AD.

    Hope you’re keeping well.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, in the fog and rain, we heartily miss Mexico.


    • Hey Kim! Or should I say Stranger!

      El Tajin is one of the places I most wanted to see, but never quite got around to. One day. I am still missing DF. Paola told me the other day she wanted to stay and for me to come back. It turned out she was just teasing. Tsk…I was halfway through my resignation letter!


      • Kim G says:

        That was kind of mean!

        But I suspect you’ll be back some day. Just need to save up some pounds, and then figure out a way to earn a non-Mexican income in DF and you’ll be all set.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where (have we mentioned it before?) we are hankering for Mexico City too.


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