Hi Ho Silver

Life is beginning to work out. I got a job, which was priority one. Priority two was to get my own mode of transport. A car was simply not on the cards. The cost of motoring in the UK is ridiculously expensive even before you factor in the ever increasing price of petrol – currently at 138p a litre. About $10 a gallon.

I’ve long shunned the four wheeled format in preference for the two wheeled variety. I’d rather save the extra cost and spend more money on holidays or gadgets. Sure, it gets chilly on a bike in winter, but I can suffer a month or three of frozen fingers if it means a week or two somewhere exotic.

I began biking with real bikes. But when one of my Cagiva’s broke down back in 1998, I got a little second hand 50cc Honda scooter to ferry me about until my Italian stallion was fit for the road. By the time the Cagiva was ready to return, I was sold on scooters. Not that I’d keep a 50cc as my everyday transport, but the weather protection, lack of maintenance, extra storage and general ease of use of the scooter was impossible to ignore.

I sold the Cagiva and went out and bought a Peugeot scooter. Like most French motorized vehicles, it was simply dreadful. We soon separated and a Honda Pantheon took its place. I kept that bike for more than five years, only selling it when I departed for Mexico. I loved that bike. Heated handle bars, caverous underseat storage and hugely comfortable. I was sold not only on scooters in general, but Honda in particular.

So my choice of bike this time round was simple. I present to you my brand new Honda S-Wing, which was the direct replacement for the Pantheon I’d sold in 2005. It’ll do about 75 to 80mph, which exceeds the maximum speed limit in the UK. Acceleration is brisk. Yearly Road Tax is just £15. Fuel economy is superb as well, capable of about 100mpg. It rides beautifully. Stable, sharp around corners and fun. Even my sister seems to approve. I have a couple more shots on Flickr – click here.



16 thoughts on “Hi Ho Silver

    • It’s a 125cc motor under the saddle. But that’s got plenty of poke for speeding around town. Inter city travel? I wouldn’t. It could, but it’s not designed for that. Will try to keep the rubber touching planet Earth at all times!


  1. Rich says:

    Very nice bike! Too bad that would not work here in Patzcuaro as we have too many big potholes in our streets. Petrol at ten bucks a gallon seems high so I do not see how my American countrymen can complain about how much they are paying.

    So glad that you have found works.

    Regards from Mexico,


  2. Hey Gary,
    I’ve been out of touch. Brain surgery three and half weeks ago for bleeding on the brain and blood clots caused from roller skating without a helmet. Sharon and I have rented scooters in Europe and Key West and loved it. I hit an oil slick on the highway over 35 years ago and this experience has kept me from buying a scooter. In Canada, with our longer, straighter roads, the 650 Suzuki Bergman or the Honda 500 Silver Wing are the way to go! I figured renting one for a few days – no problem.
    Due to my surgery, scooters are extremely risky for me. Prior to my trip to the hospital, I never gave the brain much thought. I sure do now.
    I know you need to get around and a scooter makes a lot of sense. Get the best helmet you can buy and ride smart! I would hate for you to go through what I’ve just been through.


    • Chris, I’m really sorry to hear of your recent trials and tribulations. But very pleased to see that you are still with us, and getting better. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

      In the UK you can ride up to a 125cc bike without needing to take a test. I’ve been pretty lazy for a couple of decades now, but will take my test soon. Probably. Hopefully! Then a Burgman, or more likely a 600cc Honda Silver Wing, is on the cards.

      I didn’t skimp on a helmet. I’d seen enough bike fatalities on the roads in Mexico to know how this works. I’ve had more than my share of (fortunately not so serious) tumbles too. And just to remind me, I saw a fatal bike accident within 10 minutes of picking the bike up. Almost the exact same spot on the A338 of another fatal a week before. I generally avoid that stretch of road. Always have done.


      • I know you are a die hard Honda fan – but that Burgman 650 is higher tech and a cooler scooter I think. Have one myself waiting for my pickup in El Paso. Check the two out carefully before you commit to the Honda amigo – just saying.


        • Brand loyalty is something earned, and worthwhile, but not kept for the sake of keeping it. Not my loyalty anyway. Honda will need to keep producing the goods to retain my custom.

          I think the biggest difference between the Honda Silver Wing and Burgman is the price. £6,500 versus a pretty hefty $8,000. The latter is definitely in car money territory. Suzuki do make a more reasonable 400 model though, for a tad over five grand. It’s all a bit way off in the future for me to be overly worrying about it though!


  3. Trevor says:

    How do you say “nerd” in England?
    Doofus? Clown/Payaso?
    Telemarketer on a scooter.
    When’s you’re Mexican babe comin’ over?


    • I think ‘twat’ is the word you were looking for! Although that was more common eleven years ago when I last bought a scooter. This time round, the most common expression is ‘How many miles a gallon??’. Followed by ‘£15 a year road tax? Seriously?’. And finished off with ‘I might have to think about a scooter’….

      Petrol prices are a-hurtin’….


  4. Daniel says:

    I´m very glad to know you finally got your byke, it seems to be comftable.
    Take care on it, your babies need to see you again back in Mexico.
    Will be in touch for weekly report next weekend.


    • My bike is very comfortable, thank you!

      I was going to say, where are my weekly updates on Bob and Baby?!?! Next week will be great!

      Now, just to make sure…you did give them some fresh camarones for Easter, didn’t you?! They always have camarones for Semana Santa….



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