Mexico City

Mexico City’s Hidden Treasures

I used to add places I visited, photographed and blogged about to a Bing Map. I got bored today and selected 20 of those places for a new map….places that are slightly off the beaten track, hidden from view, or that are otherwise often overlooked by the average tourist. Summoning up the full extent of my capacity for witty and imaginitive titles, I called this map Mexico City Hidden Treasures.

If you’re in DF and have exhausted the traditional sights and sounds and are on the look out for something different, then this map might be up your street. You can click through each item on the map to my blog post, and from there to any photos I may have taken.



9 thoughts on “Mexico City’s Hidden Treasures

  1. I’ve no plans to go back yet, just dreams. But then if Paola’s visa application to come to the UK is rejected…!

    The scooter went for its first service today. All’s well, and she is riding like a dream. I still have plans for a post….the problem I have at the moment is that I don’t have a computer with the sort of processing power needed to edit video.

    The G3 looks tasty. I’d really be perfectly happy with a Panasonic. I like Olympus equally, but don’t have a massive preference between the two manufacturers.


    • I lean to Olympus but own a Panny. If the Epl-1 had an EVF as part of the camera I would own an Olympus. Are you happier in the UK or were you happier in Mexico? Hard to answer I guess.


      • Both places have their pros and cons. Mexico’s pros tend to be the fun things. Britain’s pros tend to be the necessities….but the NHS doesn’t ever really get you excited.


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