Lucha Britania

I keep my eye out for all things Mexican. Anything will do. Just in the hope I’ll get a temporary fix of home. It usually ends in disappointment. Mexican just isn’t Mexican without Mexico.  Lucha Britania is on in Bournemouth soon. The word Lucha raised my hopes. Britania sounded dubious. The trasiler just made my heart sink.  I mean, for a start….you need a strong stomach and a gimp mask? That isn’t Lucha Libre. For Mexican wrestling you need strong language and a gaggle of outraged old ladies.

And for the love of god, where are the dwarfs in monkey outfits?! You have to have the dwarfs! And if someone has the nerve to tell me the show actually has got dwarfs, then why the hell haven’t they both been murdered by prostitutes in a seedy, rent-by-the-hour Tlalpan hotel room?! Pfft. I’m keeping my money in my pocket. Lucha Britania will have to jog on. There are times when only the genuine article will do.


9 thoughts on “Lucha Britania

  1. This is not on topic. But last night I found a newly-hatched turtle (I think the same species that I posted on my blog) stranded on the walkway. It was attempting to get to the water, but a curb was in its way. By the time I found it, it was terribly dehydrated, but I took it down to the edge of the water while watching the crocodile that was watching me enter its territotry. It is a dangerous world out there for turtles — and turtle rescuers.


  2. Opatije says:

    Que no!

    I know what you’re feeling. Anything Mexican outside of Mexico is only a temp solution.

    You can always look forward to a trip si?



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