Paola and the Pier

It was a long time coming, and a pretty nasty flight to Heathrow via Detroit. But Paola made it at last, complete with the Settlement Visa stuck firmly in her passport. We overcame Worldbridge and their incompetence and got the documents back. In the end. Now it is time to explore. Ringwood first. Then Bournemouth. I have a very cool trip to London planned for our anniversary.

The stress of immigration left behind. I’ve loaded Skype up with the subscriptions we need to keep in touch with the other side of the Atlantic. Her browser is loaded up with job sites. I’ve bought her three driving lessons on Groupon for the bargain price of £12 – all those years of driving in Mexico City and she never learned to reverse park. Her emergency stop should be superb though. Even if it is known simply as ‘stopping’ in Mexico. My homesick heart has company. And my Flickr account has a new source of material. Yesterdays shots around Poole Quay took me past the 8,000 photo mark.



12 thoughts on “Paola and the Pier

  1. I had been wondering what the deal was… and was too timid to ask. Are you going to tell the story? Or did I miss a post somewhere?

    Anyway glad you two are together again! Have fun!


    • I assume you mean the deal about me moving to the UK without Paola. No scandal, story or sordid tale to tell, I’m afraid! It was all a pre-arranged strategy, me coming ahead to find work and feather the nest while she crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s on her degree. A temporary separation for the sake of practicality.


    • Naturally, I greeted her at the airport with a firm handshake and took her bags to our waiting steed.

      You have a turtle epidemic in your yard. I am, as you can imagine, jealous. I’d be out there building pit stops for them, complete with splash pools, tuna fish dips and shell shine stands!


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