I got my invite and I’m in. Getting access to Google + turned out to be quite tough. First impressions? Slick. Lots of features. Innovative. And unlike most Google products, it isn’t ugly as hell. Is it a Facebook killer? Before trying it, I was as dubious about Google+ gaining any real traction as I was with their last effort at social networking, Google Buzz. I remain skeptical, but much less so this time. Firstly, it isn’t (or doesn’t appear to be) dependent on Gmail. That was a Buzz killer, not a Facebook killer. Google+ doesn’t seem to be embracing third party systems yet though – Flickr is key for me. It’s got a way to go, but the biggest stumbling block will be getting users, ordinary users who are currently embedded with Facebook. That’s tough. And I think I can see Google+’s biggest problem. It’s not instantly intuitive.  I have invites. Let me know if you want one.

I’ve also been playing with 500px, a new photo sharing website. That too comes with some pros and cons. It’s a slick and unique experience. The photographers on there are producing some outstanding content. But there are flaws too. The name….500px? Really? And it costs $50 to be ‘awesome’. That’s too much. There’s not even a 30 day trial. I am tempted though to fork up. Well, I would be, if I had $50. But I don’t and given that I’ve spent two months worth of pay of visas and flights recently, with lots more expense to come, I won’t have it to spare. Shame. But if you’re looking for a virtual home for your photos, it’s worth a look. I’ve decided to use it to display my better efforts with my E-PL1.


6 thoughts on “Google+

    • There are just two things about Picasa that stop me adopting. First price – it’d cost me more money than I already pay Flickr to host my photo library. And also…it’s just a bit ugly! It does what it does well – very functional. But it’s just not quite there for me.


  1. I would like to try GOOGLE + if you have an invite to spare. Facebook is constantly changing things without ask users for their input. Perhaps
    G+ will be able to handle this better. I have seen a little of the feedback that they are getting and at least they seem to be reporting on the the good, bad and ugly so I see the results might be closer to what folks on social networks want. Thanks for your viewpoint on this. And, I hope that you keep providing more this this subject.


    • I will say that the more I use it, the more I like it. But in the final analysis….can it get users to dump Facebook in numbers sufficient to build a large enough user base to make it a viable network, rather than a niche product? Send me an email with your email address amigo, and I’ll invite you in. You can use the contact form in the menu…


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