Honda S-Wing at 1500 Miles

I’ve had my Honda for a couple months now, and have racked up over 1500 miles on it. It’s run-in now, and performing sweetly. It’s not as fast as my old Honda Pantheon, which was the direct predecessor of this bike. The Pantheon could, with a warm engine and a long run, top 85mph whilst the S-Wing manages just 70mph.  The Pantheon had a 2 stroke engine rather than the S-Wings 4 stroke, and was a bit lighter to boot, so this is to be expected. I wouldn’t swap the engines though – I like the greater reliability of a 4 stroke. It drinks far less oil too. One thing is for sure. Honda make better scooters than I make videos.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

10 thoughts on “Honda S-Wing at 1500 Miles

  1. Hey Gary,

    Great scooter! Nice video too! The music was beautiful as was the countryside. Bit surprised at the “jello” in the moving shots. Did you use the E-Pl1?
    Still a very nice video! Nice bike!


    • The jello effect was the result of mounting my Olympus on a Gorillapod which was wrapped around a wing mirror. Nothing I could do to stop it bouncing around when pointed forward. When pointed back I could jam the lens against the mirror and the stability was much better. I could have put together a much better vid, but I’m really a ‘One Take’ sort of a videographer!


  2. I think your camera got confused trying to stabilize the shot – maybe the video would be smoother if that feature is shut-off? Great looking country and terrific ride – cool!


    • See my comment above…more a case of a half assed job on fixing the camera that the stabilisation. I will add that some of the video is speeded up, so that probably doesn’t help!


  3. Kim G says:

    While watching the video, I couldn’t help but think of the opening scene of Lawrence of Arabia, and hoping that your video didn’t have a similar ending.

    So how’s life now that la esposa is back with you?

    Wishing you well,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we finally got our own motorcycle back from the shop last week and have been gleefully commuting to work on it.


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