London, Baby!

My London photos are all done. They’re a mixed batch, quality wise. But they can all be seen by clicking here. That leads to a Collection containing the various sets I created. If you really don’t want to be looking through multiple sets, them there’s one set called London Pick, which is as it’s name suggests…the better of my efforts. We managed to cover quite some ground. Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Knightsbridge, Regent and Oxford Street, Wellington Arch, St Pauls, Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Kensignton and more.

Yet we barely scratched the surface. This really is one vast, overwhelming city. Mexico City might contain more people, but when it comes to crossing the physical area, Chilangos might find themselves surprised that their’s is the global giant of cities. It can be surprisingly difficult to compare the sizes of cities. Different organisations use different criteria and rules. But most that I’ve looked at consider London the larger city by land area. For the tourist though, it’s the area in which the touristy places are located that counts, and that’s where London dwarfs most other rivals.


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