A Tale Of Two Ladies

I went to see an old flame last week. I spent a few days with her, catching up on old times. It’d been so long since I’d seen her, and all the old memories came back, as fresh as if it were yesterday. I grew up with her, and loved her dearly. She was as she has always been. Elegant, graceful. Prim and proper. Every bit the true English rose. Dressed to kill, as always. There’s nothing cheap about her – the most glamourous designer frocks were always her thing. We hadn’t ever really’broken up’ with each other, as it were. We just gradually drifted apart.  She still has that twinkle though, that magical charm that some ladies have, that entrances you in a second. And when you depart, the urge to look back for one last glance is irresistible.

But time has gone by. And I have a new love now. The new lady in my life might not quite possess the sheer elegance and unadulterated class of the old one. Nor is she quite as witty, nor is she one for polite chit chat. She shops in stores offering value rather than labels, but she has style too, and her wardrobe suits her smouldering beauty to a tee. She has a few more flaws.  I call them beauty spots. She’s so very alive, however. It’s a heart warming joy to just be in her presence. Spontaneous. She has a vibrant sensation of ‘mañana’ rather than the forelorn tones of ‘yesterday’.

Some of you will have met both these fine, but very different ladies. Let’s call them Londres and Mehica. The former…well, she is more a delight to be seen with these days. But when it comes to the females of the species, one must always talk from the heart. And my heart tells me the latter is far more a delight to be with. Women. What can you do?



4 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Ladies

    • I don’t think anyone reads my blog anymore….the UK just isn’t as exotic as DF! It’s just you, me and the virtual echo with a bit of digital tumbleweed loitering in these parts…. 🙂


    • Hey Lucy, and thanks for the message. Since leaving Mexico my comments have grown a bit sparce…it’s nice to see a few people still following along. I’ll keep going. Sporadically. Until I return to Mexico to live, forever and ever…

      You planning on going back?


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