Ladies of Polanco

I keep myself up to date with happenings in Mexico. Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and radio all do the job quite nicely. It’s sad to see that not a lot has changed, particularly with the ‘War on Drugs’. The burning of the casino really tops anything I remember happening, although my memory isn’t always terribly reliable. There were probably a few events that were just as horrible. President Calderon has refered to the attackers as terrorists, and is getting some flak for it. I do see why. At the same time, I don’t see how the term, in the wider picture at least, could be considered anything other that factually correct.

I find myself in the awkward position of being against the War on Drugs but very much pro the war on drugs. There’s just no point in the wholesale prohibition of narcotics, although any legalisation should be both highly regulated and continental, not just Mexico. At the same time, the drug cartels do need to be fought. It may be drugs today, but if you take that away, they’ll find something else to do with their time. And guns. Caveat – when I use the word ‘fought’, I don’t mean to leave the impression that the military and police should be the only forces involved.

Other things haven’t changed too. The police in DF are still largely a bunch of ineffectual clots. The Ladies of Polanco video has gone viral on social networks, and does make for a more light hearted view of Mexico’s police coming worse off in a street battle. Light hearted on the surface – the underlying problems are a little less funny. If you are visiting Mexico City soon and looking for tips on how to avoid having to pay a bribe, these ladies have all the vocab you need in a quick 60 second lesson…



2 thoughts on “Ladies of Polanco

  1. Kim G says:

    F sent me a link to this video the other day. It seems to encapsulate in a minute many things that are sadly wrong with Mexico. Frankly when I saw it, I was appalled. If you tried that here, you’d be under arrest so fast that your head would spin.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, rightly or wrongly, the police don’t take any lip.


    • I watched the video shortly after watching a war documentary and the casino video from Monterrey. It’s difficult to get upset by this video after those two. Although I did mention those ‘underlying issues’. You’re totally right. It’s a 60 second documentary on why Mexico isn’t as successful as it should be. It’s an attitude that is replicated in so many ways in so many other arenas in Df and the rest of the country.


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