I’ve been using DropBox to share files and stuff across computers for quite a while now, but just of late it’s become really invaluable. I have the DropBox app installed on my laptop, on my mum’s computer and on my Android handset. Several of my friends have it installed on their computers. It makes sharing all sorts of files an absolute breeze. Much simpler and organised than emailing stuff. I’m not aware of any types of file that it won’t accept.

If I’m out and about I’ll sometimes download a torrent file on my phone and send it to my DropBox…it’ll be there on my laptop ready and waiting when I get home. I send friends audio and video files, with no file size limit beyond the initial 2gb of free space you get. I send my mum files to keep her PC up to date. I also have the very cool DropSnap app on my Android phone – when I take a photo with my cell phone, DropSnap automatically sends the results to my dropbox folder. Again, the files are on my laptop when I get home.

It’s become a really useful tool. Sure, the 2gb that you get for free doesn’t sound a lot, but DropBox is more about throughput than it is about storage. Think of it as a highway rather than as a carpark. And sure, the upgrade options are a little expensive. Although, if you invite friends, you get an extra 250mb each time. Up to a maximum of 8gb. And 8gigs is plenty. Hence this post. I’d like to beef up my storage a little. So in exchange for letting you know about this wonderful tool, be nice and sign up by clicking on the image below and add to my DropBox capacity!



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