Me At Three

I thought I’d lost this piece of audio forever. It resurfaced about seven or eight years ago on an old cassette. I used my (then) cutting edge bit of tech, an Archos AV440, to put it into digital format. And then forgot about it for years. I’d long wondered if it was still on the Archos hard drive, but seeing as the device had well and truly died, I couldn’t find out.

Till yesterday, when I put the extracted hard drive onto a reader. Turns out, it had been there all along. Some people do say I am a bit stubborn and prone to tantrums. I deny this vigorously. Historical evidence, however, is not on my side. This recording will be, I’m quite sure, the oldest piece of content I will ever publish to my blog. It dates from around 1976, when I would have been three or four years old. And I’ve now put it on a number of cloud storage apps for safe keeping.


2 thoughts on “Me At Three

    • And that is a shame Steve. But that, I guess, is what happens to most old recordings and whatnot on outdated media. I did scan and publish a collection of old photos a couple of years back, and still have grand plans to digitise more of the families old snaps. Time permitting…

      Two things have occurred to me since writing that post. When the audio was recorded, in a dingy maisonette in Ealing, London, who would have imagined the sounds that an irritable little boy whined into the mic would end up on a global communication system called ‘the internet’?

      And in another 34 years, where will the audio, and this whole blog for that matter, exist? If it does…


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