365 V2

A few years ago I did a 365 project. One photo a day, every day, for a year. A grand total of 365 photos. You can see the results by clicking here. I’ve decided to do it again. Just like last time, it’ll run from my birthday, October 19th to the following October 18th. Except this year I’ll be going one better, and shooting 366 photos. I’m going to do it all with my Samsung Galaxy S2 photo. And, like last time, I’ll be uploading it to my 365 blog. I’ve gotten used to the various photo apps on Android, and whilst the image quality is not ultimately as good as that shot from a proper camera, they’re not bad looking images. I shot the image below the other day with my phone. And it is fun and easy to shoot from.

I think I might have though about or even actually started a 365 version 2 a little earlier in the year, but ran out of enthusiasm as quickly as I built it up. But I’m feeling motivated this time. Shooting a 365 project, and I can say this from experience, is surprisingly hard work. But very rewarding. It’s nice to blog it, and share it. But it is a hugely personal project, documenting a year of your life. I love occasionally looking back at my previous 365 project. I recommend the concept to anyone and everyone. It’s worth it.

The next year, from October 19th onwards, promises much. I’ll be shooting my first UK Christmas since 2004. Maybe my last UK Christmas ever. Then it’ll be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And then the Olympics. And wouldn’t it be nice to shoot the final photo as a Mexico City resident once again? The final photo will, of course, be the last day of my life. At least the last day of part one of my life, if the old saying ‘Life begins at 40’ holds any truth. Ouch. Putting this project in that perspective feels a little weird. Well here goes – a year in the life of me, in the UK. My last year as a 30 something…



8 thoughts on “365 V2

  1. So good to hear you’re doing a 365 project again although your difficulties with the last one (towards the end, I know it was hard) are what have always made me think twice about doing one myself.

    Gosh, you’re old. Says she, an entire 6 months younger than you.

    So you’re moving back to Mexico? I’m really glad for you. You seemed much more inspired there although I am sure I don’t know the full story.


    • Sign. It does seem ‘we’ are getting on! Doesn’t time fly?! You really should do a 365 Emm, Of all the bloggers I read (and I do read, if not comment very often!) you’ve got the most opportunities to snap something daily. And with a phone and a blogger app, it really becomes quite easy.

      And yes, I felt much more inspired in Mexico. There’s not much of a story to tell. I just prefer life in Mexico.


  2. Well, happy birthday a bit early. Glad to hear you will be doing another 365 project. And I use my Android phone camera a lot and think I get some great photos with it too. Now you’ve got me thinking about a 365 prpoject. I work from home, so I’m not sure about enought material during the week.
    Buena suerte!


  3. Hey, guy. What’s up with the age neurosis? I am over 20 years older than you, and every day is still a joy. Even though the joints take a bit more time to catch up with my overly-active mind.

    I look forward to the photographs. Are we going to get to vote each week?


    • Just having a temporary mid aged crisis!

      The vote…I hadn’t thought about it. But that’s a good idea. I’m sure I used to do monthly votes. That’s probably frequent enough.

      Where’s your 365 Steve? You have a camera, time, enthusiasm and plenty to snap at on your travels.


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