I’d forgotten about how a 365 project features so many landmarks. On day seven you’ve completed a full week. On day ten you hit double figures. Then on to finishing month one. A half century. A century follows surprisingly quickly. Before you know it you’ve got 183 photos and you’re past half way. Although this time, because there’ll be 366 days in this calendar year, I’ll be exactly at the half way point.

At that stage the landmarks come fewer and further between. Two hundred photos. Then at 265 photos, you can begin counting down…just one hundred to go. Three hundred photos eventually comes round. Is my running commentary beginning to drag on? Good. That adds some realism to the 365 journey. After 300 days it does begin to drag. It seems so close to the end. And yet it seems to take so long to get those last 65 photos up.

Anyway, the point is…I passed landmark one, the first week, and have now reached landmark two. I’ve done day ten and am in double figures. Where I’ll stay until mid January. But I’m already enjoying it. I enjoy playing with some of the photo apps I have. I like capturing elements of my life which I know will bring back memories. And I’m enjoying the fact that I am getting some reasonably interesting photos out of a cell phone cam.

You can keep up with my daily photos on my 3six5 blog. I haven’t changed the blog theme since my first 365 project. I do need to change the text in the sidebar. But I’m undecided on the theme. It does load rather slowly. The pictures are rather small. But I’ve kinda grown fond of the theme. It turns out that Blogger’s new Dynamic Themes feature does automatically create a new theme for the blog – you can see that here, if my current theme isn’t to your liking. As for voting for Photo of the Month, as suggested by Steve in the comments on a previous post…that’s a sterling idea. First vote will be posted on November 19th.


7 thoughts on “Landmarks

  1. Just got an Olympus SP 810UZ, 14 MP and 36x Optical Zoom; it’s a digital, but it’s actually a step up from the little Kodak I had. Don’t think I’m ready yet for anything other than digital. I took a couple of my first practice shots yesterday. We’re going to Kauai Nov. 26th, and I thought that would be the perfect time to get started on the 365. I have a blog over on WordPress that I started awhile back. http://angelinem.wordpress.com….thanks for checking back. You’re going to keep me honest 🙂


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