Inspired Vandal

London, like most towns and cities around the world, has problems with graffiti. Far less so though, in my opinion, than Mexico City, which is plagued with the stuff. To be fair, there was an awful lot of really good graffiti in Mexico too. But most was of the dog-cocking-leg ‘I woz ere’ type graffiti. But that graffiti which was good, was often really good.

There’s not so much of the good stuff in London. But when it is artistic stuff, it’s often awesome. Some graffiti artists have become legends in their own lifetimes. What to make of the graffiti and notice below though? Itsu is a new arty-farty type modern food outlet. You know the sort – fast food with healthy, chic packaging. Noodles, or something similar. I haven’t been in one yet. The photo below shows the hidden frontage of a new outlet they are preparing to open. If I do venture inside one day, I’ll let you know how it went.

But back to the subject at hand. The graffiti. It really was most excellent. Are they recognising genius? Or encouraging criminal damage? A bit of both, perhaps. I’d love to know what the good news was. And I do hope their recipes and attention to cleanliness are better than theyr’re spelling though. Yes, that was deliberate…



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