Museum of London

The Museum of London is a truly great museum. A must see, if you’re passing through town. You’ll rarely find a museum so welcoming – a uniformed host greets every visitor and offers help. The museum is logically laid out, the exhibits beautifully displayed and the thought that has gone into creating the ‘London experience’ is admirable. It’s an intelligent museum.

I’d like to think I know London, having lived there for so long. My knowledge barely scratches the surface. I found the first gallery, London before London, particularly fascinating. That’s a part of the city’s history (or pre-history) that I knew little about. Later on in the life of the city the exhibits introduced information I have been privy too before now. Amongst the photos I uploaded to Flickr and Google+, there are a number of snapshots of facts and figures that I liked.

Britain hasn’t always been an island. The river Thames was once a tributary of the Rhine. We English are commonly  referred to as Anglo Saxons, thanks to the Germans. And our language also comes courtesy, in large part, of the Germans. That’s something for the fringe BNP loons to ponder next time they start foaming at the mouth at the prospect of ‘German domination’ in the 21st century.

One more thing I like about the Museum of London. They really get social media. More so than any other museum I’ve yet visited. Their website, blog and Facebook presence are all well integrated, regularly put to use and provide worthwhile material. It works. It helped to get me through the doors.



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