Christmas Confusion

Christmas is coming. This will be my first Christmas in England for seven years. I spent the last six Christmas’ in Mexico, thinking it just didn’t feel quite right. I think I now prefer a Mexican Christmas. Although I can’t get photos like this in Mexico.



6 thoughts on “Christmas Confusion

  1. Katie says:

    I only spent one Christmas in Mexico, but it definitely did not feel quite right. Now, back in the states, there’s much about a Mexican Christmas that I miss – mostly the posadas.
    That’s a pretty awesome picture.


    • I greatly miss the weather. I know Xmas is supposed to be bleak and cold and, if you’re lucky, white. And it looks great, for a few Christmassy moments. But then you have to get on with normal life, and then I’d like my Mexican weather back, please.


    • I’ve been reading posts on Facebook from friends left behind in DF. They’re struggling to cope with lows of 2 degrees. You can imagine how my sympathy I had for them as I set off to work on my bike this morning with the thermometer reading minus 4. 🙂


    • Yep, beach Christmases are the weirdest! And I’ll be following your 365. Just don’t give up! Accept the fact that some days you’ll be posting crap photos. That’ll happen – snap shots taken of ‘nothing much’ just for the sake of keeping the 365 going. That’s fine. And those shots will bring back memories too.

      And along the way, there’ll be some surprising shots, some funny shots, and some plain great shots too.


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