Strike Two

Earlier this year I wrote a post which got next to no attention for the main topic at hand. A by-line got plenty of reaction though.  Mexicans the world over were enraged at comments made by Top Gear presenters, including Jeremy Clarkson, about Mexico and Mexicans. I thought most of it, bar one silly one-liner, was quite funny. Not every one agreed with me. To put it mildly.

Those who didn’t see my point of view might be pleased to see he has antagonised his home audience now. Well, a small minority. Although the most popular clip that has been doing the rounds on the internet fails to include the entire comment about the strikers, thereby removing the context. Yesterday saw up to two million public workers strike for the day. During the One Show, broadcast in the evening, Clarkson commented about how wonderfully quiet the city had been and how smoothly everything went.

He then remembered that on the Beeb you’re supposed to be balanced and offer two alternative points of view. So he gave an alternative point of view. He suggested all the strikers should be shot in front of their families, for having the cheek to go on strike. Was he being serious? Don’t be silly. In my opinion, anyone who was really offended by that should be…well, shot. In front of their families.

Unison, the main union behind yesterday’s industrial action, are threatening to take legal action. If I were a member of Unison, and they did take this to a court of law, I’d quit. Stop paying my subs. I wouldn’t want my money going towards a silly court case in an attempt to silence harmless humour. To the best of my knowledge, Clarkson’s comments haven’t yet inspired anyone to go shooting strikers.


2 thoughts on “Strike Two

  1. tancho says:

    I watch that show regularly and found nothing offensive about it, I also enjoy humor, in all forms, dark, white, black, red and yellow…..
    One of the problems we have now as a society is the lack of the ability to stand back and laugh at ones self……..that in itself is creating too many problems. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously anyway.
    We can start with a few Polish and Chinese jokes, then follow up with the Russians, The Pope and a few others…..


    • Humour is a vital piece of social infrastructure. In all its forms. Even the ones I find disagreeable or unfunny. Sure, there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. But those boundaries tend to be about where, when and to whom the joke is told – not the joke itself.


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