I’ve commented on this before. Life for many people in Mexico is too hard. You don’t have to walk the streets for long to see why – the destitute, crippled and abandoned. Life in the UK can be too easy. You don’t have to walk the streets for long to see why – the welfare funded druggies, bums and chavs. We, as a  society, have to find a balance when providing help. Neither UK nor Mexico has it right.

Charity alone is not the answer. Anyone arguing it is, is an idiot. Or evil. One or the other. No middle ground here. Pure and simple. Sorry if you disagree and feel offended. Charity is a good thing, of course. I used to watch parts of the Teleton with Paola. Some of the stories are heartbreaking. I’ve heard a few negative things about what happens to some of the money that is donated at Teleton. It puts me off a bit. But I’m still sure they put a lot of money to people who do a lot of very good work.


2 thoughts on “Teleton

  1. You’re right, charity alone is not the answer….but I’m not sure what it is, either. Maybe if govenrments became a little more compassionate and put more money into humanity and less on wars. I read a very good article awhile back somewhere where the person suggested if wanting to donate, don’t go through an agency where you are never sure where the money goes…just open the local newspaper and you will see stories of people in need. Donate to them directly. I rather like that idea.


    • In Mexico, it’s easy to find a charitable case to give a few pesos. But I was thinking on a bigger scale. The idea that charity can replace the welfare state isn’t just silly, poorly informed and ignorant of historical example – it’s dangerous.

      And you’re right. Governments should prioritise their spending with greater intelligence. The issue for me is not whether or not governments spend money on welfare, but where it goes and how the necessity is measured.


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