365 Month Two

If there is one difference about the way I’m approaching this 365 compared to the 365 I did in 2008/9, is that I have a greater appreciation for the way I’ll use the finished result. I occasionally look back at my old 365 because it has a diary fell to it. For me, anyway. Yet, I took most of those shots with an eye to creating interesting shots first and foremost. What they were of was usually of much lesser importance.

It is good to use a 365 to try and improve your photographic skills, but undoubtedly it’s biggest use will be as a photographic snapshot of a year or your life. As such, while I’m still trying to take interesting shots, my focus is far more toward documenting my everyday life. Not least because this may be my final year as a permanent resident in the UK.

But on to the point of this post. I’ve now completed Month Two. So it’s time again for a vote.  The six photos I’ve put forward as candidates are in the snapshot above, although you can see them bigger and clearer by clicking here. This time I’ve put the poll in the post. The names should make clear which photo they represent. But if in doubt, they list the photos left to right, top then bottom. You can pick your two favourite photos. Just in case you can’t make your mind up which is the least worst…


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