Olympics 2012

The 2012 Olympics Starts Here

I’ve been in London for the New Years Eve fireworks display before. The last time was December 31st 2004. It was Mrs P’s second day in London. The display was ok. It’s always ok. But never as good as the other international ones you see on the telly from Sydney, the US, Paris and elsewhere. We didn’t go this year, because it’s a lot of effort and cost to go to, only to witness an “ok” display.

It turned out that London isn’t going to be doing things in an “ok” way for 2012. Had I had an inkling that the display was going to be quite as fantastic as it was, we’d have gone. Such is life. Too late now. We enjoyed it on telly instead, in the warm. The fireworks was clearly a statement. The Olympics begins here. All eyes are on London, and London is out to impress. Enjoy the show…


3 thoughts on “The 2012 Olympics Starts Here

  1. Kim G says:

    Happy New Year! I had to chuckle at your post.

    So London will have a fabulous Olympics, and damn the deficits! LOL…

    Seems Greece put on quite a show some years back. I remember thinking at the the time that for a country of Greece’s means, the show seemed extravagant.

    Am now in DF w/F and recuperating from a fun New Year’s Eve w/friends.

    I wish you and P the best for 2012 and a speedy return to DF.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we’ve become all too familiar with the Spanish word(s) for hangover.


  2. The deficits be damned indeed! The costs of an Olympiad and the economic situation haven’t gone unreported. There have been proposals for the 2012 Olympics to be an Austerity Olympics. London has experience of hosting an Austerity Games, of course – the post WW2 1948 games.

    The economic benefits (or lack of) of hosting an Olympics are hotly debated. This ‘more extravagant than usual’ firework display has got the ball rolling in that respect to.

    I do think, though, that if you’re going to host an Olympics, then do it properly, within reason. I’m looking forward to it. It’s about time we had a positive and upbeat atmosphere in the UK.


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