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There’s a ton of options when choosing a blogging platform. Only two of them are serious options as far as I’m concerned – and Blogger. All the others have issues which render them, for the time being, as non starters. I currently use But I am pondering a move back to Blogger, which I used from 2007 until 2009. You can monetise blogs. I earned about US$20,000 from 2007 through to early 2010. That’s not to be sniffed at. You can’t monetise WordPress though. Not easily or cheaply, anyway. I do have some thoughts on Blogger.

  • Blogger has matured a lot since I left in 2009. A lot of good changes. But it still lacks the professional feel you get from They have all the features and ease of use right. Why does it have to look so Orange and blocky though? It’s like EasyJet got into hosting. EasyJet is cheap and no frills. When the competition is also cheap but has the frills, you’re not offering a comparable product.
  • I like that Blogger lets you do what you want. Running adverts? Fine. Want to install javascript? No problem. Want to totally customise the blog? Knock yourself out. If Blogger can do all that, why can’t WordPress?
  • I am moving more and more into the Google-sphere. But virtually all of their products have elements that turn me off. And they are almost always basic, common sense elements. Like Google+ photos, which load all my albums – painfully slowly. Too much excess and fat going into all that coding. Google is becoming more like Microsoft everyday. Empire of bloatware. Which is ironic, because Microsoft is becoming more like Google (or what Google used to be) every day. Clean and lean.
  • If I want to swap from to Blogger, I need to import my blog into Blogger. It can be done easily from Blogger into Google. Yet the only tool that exists to do it the other way round is WordPresstoBlogger. Which has been around for ages. And will only convert a 1mb blog. Unless you want to play with the self hosted version. Pft. You’d have thought that after all these years, Blogger would have created an import utility.
  • is clever. They use a ton of shortcode to embed stuff. So if you do manage to export it somewhere else, massive chunks of your content is broken. Blogger needs to recognise WordPress shortcode. Else developing an import tool is a futile gesture.
  • If WordPress just permitted ‘trusted’ bloggers to use javascript, and permitted advertising (and not their own nasty ads that currently get served up!) then Blogger would have little to offer in way of competition.
  • I was Blogger’s ‘Blogger of Note‘ back in early 2009. Because they pointed to my domain, – which I took to WordPress with me – I still get a lot of traffic from them. Which I think is quite funny. They’re be better off linking to the underlying blogspot address and avoid promoting the opposition.



10 thoughts on “Wordpress to Blogger

  1. Interesting that you are thinking that way. I am planning a redesign but I’m still not willing to move back to WordPress. However, I do know some WordPress bloggers who are making a packet on their blogs, but mostly through affiliate marketing not advertising.


    • If they’re on standard blogs (as opposed to the self hosted blogs) they’re technically breaking the T&C’s. I’m not an angel – I’ve run a discreet link or two here and there before now. It can pay well. I got $100 for my last one. But there’s always the risk of the WordPress Gods finding out and deleting the blog. So I don’t push my luck!

      There are some nice Blogger templates out there, although none of them are to be found on Bloggers own site. I look forward to seeing your new look when it comes.


        • This blog is on the platform. I don’t host it on my own webspace. I don’t like hosting my blogs. I don’t trust the hosts! Nor do I like paying for something that is available for free.


        • Oh, I never realised that. I thought using your own URL on WordPress equated to using the version with the ability to advertise, earn money etc.


        • Nope, I just added my domain to WordPress. Cost me $5. You might sometimes notice ads on my blog. They are WP ads, not mine. If I want to remove them, that’s another $30. If I want to customise the CSS (which I would, if I had the cash) then that’s another $30. It all ads up. Until you are best off ‘going PRO’ for $99. These are all annual fees. It’s hard to begrudge them charging – they are a business. But you can do all this on Blogger for free. And the fees are a little steep if you ask me. I’d pay for one that allowed me to use Javascript though, providing it was reasonable. Say, about $20.


    • I personally don’t think you should change. Like I said the other day, content is king. Your site stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s not to say your design is bad, by the by. I like it. It’s very ‘Steve Cotton’. Which is just how it should be.

      If I could go back in time, would I have swapped Blogger for WordPress or stuck it out? One of my problems is that I like to fiddle, experiment and generally play around too much. I made an utter mess of the layout and functionality of my Blogger blog too often. The inability to screw up the site was one of the reasons I came to WordPress. It’s limitations are frustrating, but also for the best, perhaps.


  2. I do not monitize mostly because I do not feel comfortable with the process. And so I use Blogger over WordPress just due to Blogger’s simplicity. Yes it is customizable but like the other reader’s comment, one can really mess up their blog! There has got to be something better out there right?


    • The ability to earn money dried up for me a couple of years ago. But I’m seeing new, profitable, potential. It’s hard to say no, no matter how uncomfortable. I’m looking into it!


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