Canon SX1

I’ve never been a big Canon fan. In recent years I think only the S90 (and then S95) really took my fancy. Otherwise, there always seems to be something better to be had, for less, from some of Canon’s less well known rivals. But I’m always open to new offerings, ideas and products. And Canon have gotten my attention with their new G1X. Look at the size of that sensor! It’s bigger than the one in my MFT Olympus Pen. Slightly more range with the lens than I have with my kit lens. It’s a brighter lens too.

True, my Olympus is an interchangeable lens system. But there are advantages to having a fixed lens, and I suspect there’s be a few add on type lenses available for the GX1 before too long. There’s only one thing wrong with the GX1 from what I can see. The price. Nearly $800?! I’ll have to dream on. shame. I’d love to give that beast a good work out around London after dark, to put those high ISO numbers to good use.


2 thoughts on “Canon SX1

  1. You are sucking me into your consumer net. I do not need a new camera. But this one is certainly tempting. The small zoom is the only disadvantage. And a big enough disadvantage to keep me shooting with my Panasonic.


    • The old G series Canons had a decent range of third party lens attachments to increase the zoom range. Probably not to your Panny’s full capabilities, but not far off. I’m sure this unit will soon have its own range of lens. It’s the price tag that does me in.

      The one disappointment with my Olympus Pen is the lack of affordable lens available. the kit lens that came with my camera is ok, but with a max aperature of f3.5, I’m missing out on some of the capabilities of the camera. I see Sigma are soon to be producing a couple of f2.8 lenses at less than $250. That;s great news for me.


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