Mexico Today

I won $500 recently, after submitting a post to Mexico Today. Gracias amigos! It’s much needed. And will be productively spent. I’ve already  used some to book my hotels and coach tickets for both the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in June and August respectively. Plus a trip up to London in early February. I still have a little bit left to spend on something nice.

It also seems only fair that I offer a public thanks and also a link to their website. Which, to be frank, isn’t the nicest site in the world to look at or to navigate. I do hope/wish they’d change that. The content is great, and content is king. I’d already been reading a lot of the author’s blogs for many years. The aesthetic qualities of the site are worth suffering in order to get to the articles and videos.


4 thoughts on “Mexico Today

  1. Kim G says:

    I have to agree with you on Mexico Today’s format:totally ugly and unnavigable. I will give it another chance, but the design really turned me off when i first tried it.

    Congrats on the winning! Maybe you can persuade them to hire you to redesign the site; that’d definitely improve their traffic numbers.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where “Boston Today” means wet snow. Ugh!!!


    • It is a shame that so much good stuff gets rather hidden away behind the design. As for working with them….pft! I wasn’t invited! Not that I live in Mexico anymore. But it’s the sort of job/project I’d love.


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