Olympics 2012


The Olympic Stadium in London isn’t the most spectacular looking stadium in the world. But it does have a few redeeming features. Firstly, the stadium is just the centre point of an Olympic park which looks to be a fairly futuristic, pleasant and green(ish) environment. Secondly, the special effects, lighting and lasers look like they’ll be able to transform any sort of building into a work of wonder. And thirdly, the massive canvas wrap that is due to be put in place.

Except, the wrap has been an ongoing source of controversy. It was originally one of the highlights of the stadium in the design stage. Then, a couple of years ago it was decided to scrap the wrap to cut costs. I couldn’t believe my ears. Without it, the stadium looks an eyesore. If costs must be cut then there must have been alternatives. And in the big twelve billion pound cost picture, the seven million pound wrap isn’t the most significant or extravagant part of the expenditure.

The wrap was brought back to life though, with Dow pledging to put up the cash and make it themselves. That has just brought more controversy though, with campaigners for the Bhopal tragedy slating the event organisers for allowing Dow to have anything to do with the Olympics. I am not personally swayed by their arguments. Although I do believe they have a campaign that needs and is worthy of the publicity.

But how’s this for an idea that kills two birds with one stone. Cut the ridiculous £7 million cost and the involvement of Dow and just wrap the stadium with a blank canvas. I mean, how much does a frigging roll of canvas cost anyway?! Then invite the graffiti artists of the world to come and do their worst. Graffiti is modern. It’s a community activity, in the best and worst senses of the word. It’s cutting edge. And, if you pick the best artists, they’d produce art well worth visiting the stadium for. Perhaps they could kick off the project by getting Banksy to do a strip or two.

It’d never happen of course. Besides all other considerations, Health and Safety officers would never let a bunch of civilians clamber 20 metres up in the air on ladders. And perhaps for reason. I bet not too many days would pass before one of the artists got stoned and fell. Such is life. For now, enjoy the animated video below that shows what the stadium might look like. Or view this time lapse video of the stadium being built. Or, if you like a bit of conspiracy theory, there’s always this


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