The Shard

I can’t quite make my mind up about the Shard. It is aptly named – a glass splinter soaring above the London skyline. It will be the tallest building in Europe upon completion, although that record will be taken a few months later by a new tower going up in Moscow. It’ll remain the tallest building in the EU though. It’ll be the tenth building to hold the title of tallest building in London, with the White Tower being the starting point.

It’s well short of being the tallest building in the world though. We haven’t had a building to hold that honour since Lincoln Cathedral surpassed the Great Pyramid on Giza in Egypt. Although that cathedral did hold on to the record for longer than any other building has since.

The cost? A whopping half a billion British pounds. That’s some investment. The name? Apparently the name ‘Shard of Glass’ was originally thought up by a heritage organisation and used in a derogatory manner when objecting to it’s construction. But the name stuck, in a positive way, and so the insult rather backfired.

But yes. Anyway. I can’t quite make up my mind. A marvel or a monstrosity? A bit of both, perhaps. I guess we’ll have to wait till it’s finished. I suspect it’ll look stunning at night. Less so in daylight. But it will have an observation deck. An open air deck at that. Climbing up to which is one of the top things on my list of things to do before going back to Mexico.



7 thoughts on “The Shard

  1. What a fabulous photo! I’m trying to figure it out – which street did you take that from?

    I love all of the little factoids in this post, I barely knew any except that it will be the tallest building in Europe. Excuse my dodgy geography, but isn’t Moscow in Asia?

    We must have crossed paths so many times on Saturday morning! I was there at Borough Market and photographing the Shard too (those were the plans I wasn’t sure would pan out or not).


    • We crossed the Thames at the Millenium Bridge and then walked past the Globe, cut in away from the river and along a main road. Which I can’t name due to poor memory!

      Most of Russia is in Asia. But most Russians live in Europe. As a rule of thumb, everything west of the Ural mountains, which includes Moscow, is Europe. Everything east is Asia.

      I’m sorry I never got back in touch on Facebook like I promised. Our plans became difficult – we didn’t do the V&A in the end, although we will visit in early April for two cool looking exhibitions. Whether we’d even catch the bus up to town was a bit touch and go till the last moment. But one day we’ll get that lunch. Perhaps at the top of the Shard when it opens!

      I did wonder if we were crossing paths when I was walking around the market…!


    • There’s always that risk with tall buildings. From what I’ve read, 9/11 factors were built into the design. Whether that means it can take a direct hit by a jet, or survive multi detonations by a demolitions team I do not know…

      I forgot one little factoid. The Shard will be the 46th tallest building in the world. I do like tall buildings. I’ve been to a few of the record holders – the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, The Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, The Empire State building in New York – I was too late for the WTC,


    • It has gotten very mixed reviews from residents and Londoners. Many negative. Like I said, I’m not too sure I’m a fan. That’s not to say I don’t like a mix of modern amongst the ancient. I’m a big fan of the Gherkin.


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