Mexico City

Twelve Months

I took this photo exactly one year ago today. I went to Coyoacan with Paola, for lunch, a coffee and a last stroll together on a beautiful sunny early afternoon. Just a few hours after taking it, I was aboard a British Airways flight to London. If I could go back one year, I’d hang around Coyoacan a little longer. Have one more coffee, perhaps in El Jarocho. I’d hang around just long enough to miss the flight.

Coyoacan is a lovely place to just hang around. The people watching opportunities are plentiful. The museums are peaceful escapes from the hurly burly of the city. And the atmosphere restful. Coyoacan was a regular stop for me, as it was just a few minutes drive (or bus ride) from home. I used to ride through on my pedal bike twice a week on my way to a class. I look forward to taking more photos there. Sometime this year.



15 thoughts on “Twelve Months

  1. See now. Posts like this remind me of just how much I’ll miss London if I leave and this is what makes me determined to live life to the full. I absolutely regret the time I didn’t spend being a tourist in Johannesburg although granted, I tried to rectify that in my last 18 months there. I really am happy you’re going back though. You were just so alive and happy there.


    • One of the first things I do when I go back, will to be to buy myself a new mountain bike. And one of the first places I will go will be Coyoacan. Because I feel so alive and happy there! I’ll have to continue enjoying London through your blog šŸ™‚


      • Heh, cool. I’ll have to make sure I keep enchanted then. I almost convinced Le Husband to move to Cape Town this weekend but then he got all serious and reminded us why we left SA. Spoil sport.


    • I still do post about Mexico a fair bit! But not from Mexico. Tick tock, tick tock. This time next year, I’ll have been blogging back in DF for months, and the UK will seem a distant memory.


  2. dianecp says:

    I lived in SMA for only 6 months a few years ago and long for the day that I can return to there to live.

    WIl this be somewhat permanent?


  3. Kim G says:

    I’ve always liked Coyoacan, but last time I was there, F and I looked at a house for sale. I have to say, I had never considered it a place to live, but after looking at that house and touring around the neighborhood a bit, I think it has a ton to offer.

    The place we looked at was a few blocks from the Freida Kahlo museum. A few blocks away in one direction was a nice, modern mall next to a Wal*Mart. A few blocks the other was was Coyoacan Centro, with its charming cobbled streets, restaurants, and charming houses. And a few blocks in another direction was the Cineteca Nacional, and also the Viveres de Coyoacan, which would be a terrific place to jog or stroll.

    Yes indeed, Coyoacan has a lot going for it.

    I look forward to meeting you some time again in Mexico.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, despite the warmest, driest winter on record, we really yearn to be in DF.


    • Coyoacan is fabulous. And very ‘liveable’. There’s also the CNA just down Tlalpan, which has the most fabulous cinema in the city. And of course, you’re just a short metro ride away from Alvaro Obregon and Insurgentes. You get to live in a bit of peace and quiet away from the ‘thick of it’, but never more than a few minutes away from it.

      I greatly look forward to that meeting in DF amigo.


    • And I almost forgot to mention, that because Coyoacan is in the south of the city, houses are built on more solid rock and less likely to fall in an earthquake. Which, if you’ll planning on a long or permanent stay, isn’t necessarily a bad thing to include in your home buying considerations…


      • Kim G says:

        Yes, good point! I have a seismic map of DF which I overlaid with a street map and aside from Coyoacan, most of my favorite neighborhoods are seismically unstable. But as a former Californian, I can’t overlook seismic dangers, especially given the possibility of another disaster like 1985.

        Kim G


        • DF has had a 7+ every decade for quite a few decades…definitely worth considering. Have you ever noticed though, how some tall buildings sway just from trucks going past outside?


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