Sharing is Caring

Over on the right of my blog, beneath the Olympics logo, is my Twitter feed. What goes there? All sorts of stuff. I tweet links to stories I’ve read for one of two reasons. Firstly, because I found it interesting, and think you might too. Secondly, because I want to find the link again later. Sometimes, I tweet a link for both of those reasons. Some people have blogrolls to share sites. My system is far more specific, in my opinion. I share articles.

I tweet links from all over the net. Many come from my regular web reads. Emm in London, IanVisits and the recently discovered Londoneer are great for news about the UK capital. Going Underground has great stuff on the Tube. An Opinionated Guide, Viva Veracruz and Mexpatriate are amongst my favourite Mexican blogs. And I like to look in on prison life with Ben Gunn for a grittier read.

For news the Guardian is hard to beat – they are the only traditional news outlet that truly, genuinely and wholly ‘gets’ 21st century media. I like Robert Peston of the BBC for some financial gossip. In photography, Thomas Hawk’s blog is one of the most informative and entertaining reads going. He shoots a mean snap too. Dave Winer provides a fascinating insider look into tech, and as a bit of a side show is one of the more enlightened US political commentators I read. I wish he’d turn his comments back on.

I post links from many other places too. But those a good list of some of my more regular reads/tweets. Guys and gals, if there were a Mexile Blogger Awards ceremony, you’d all be nominated. There are others not mentioned here who’d get a seat at the show too. Alas, there are no awards. Just this tip of my hat to you. Am I missing any really great blogs, especially from Mexico or London, that you know of?

I have a slight frustration though. I haven’t found the perfect way to distribute/save my links in that sidebar. There are three boxes to be ticked. I need a solution that tweets what I share, that labels what I share and that has an RSS feed. Twitter does numbers one and three. That’s as good as I’ve found. Diigo comes close but is awkward and they uglified their site. Google+ kind of does number two – I could live with it if it didn;t do number one. But I don’t trust it to do number 3. So Twitter remains the solution for now unless anyone has a better idea.


4 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Thanks for the nod. I have enjoyed your posts from England. It keeps reminding me that I need to stop by over that way. Probably after HRM is done celebrating. I am still rooting for her to surpass Old Queen V.


    • She’s not got long to go to wrestle that title away from Vic – 2015. I’m sure there’ll be a party. I imagine I’ll be watching that from afar.

      Do drop me a line if you’re passing. Let’s hope your trip in is before my trip out, unlike last time!


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