The National Trust

Many countries have a National Trust. But England has the original article. It’s a charitable body, but transcends common terms and legal definitions. It’s a national institution. It, along with the BBC, NHS, Royal Family and cups of tea are The Untouchables. Many governments have tampered. But very much at their peril. Not even Thatcher dared challenge the existence of the Beeb of Health Service, despite a clear longing to ‘sort them both out’. None dare proffer any public statement other than one offering full support.  Regardless of what they say behind doors. Anything else leads to a doomed government.

We’ve joined the National Trust, and will be making the most of it. The National Trust is one of the country’s largest landowners and is still growing. It has possession of many stately homes and beauty spots. A total of 512 of them – more than 200 of those are historic buildings. Lennon and McCartneys childhood homes are among them. Kingston Lacy is too. We went there on Sunday for an afternoon stroll in the manicured gardens. We’ll be back when the home opens in March – the largest private collection of Egyptian antiquities are housed inside.

And we are free to go to all of them. For free. Well, apart from the cost of membership. But that cost is a freaking steal. You can see my photos of Kingston Lacy on Flickr or Google. Take your pick.



2 thoughts on “The National Trust

    • Our pack and cards arrived today…there are a surprising number of places in London to visit. They all just made it to the top of our ‘to do’ list.

      If you splash out, do it online by Direct Debit – it’s much cheaper!


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