The Sense of Spring

The seasons are a changing. I can feel spring – the warm sun burning on my face after so many long months away. I can smell spring – the aroma of freshly cut grass. I can hear  spring – the orchestra of birds singing in the early morning with the rise of the sun. I can see spring – the dull, wet earth comes to life as snowdrops, daffs and crocuses bloom, while the cherry blosson fills the sky above.

I can’t taste spring though. I gave it some thought. But there is no taste to spring that brings memories of seasons past to life. Mrs P suggests the taste of fruit. That might be true to her, having been brought up in Mexico. But I was brought up in a world where supermarkets have the fruits of the world on shelves all year round. No sooner have the last of the English blackberries been picked off the bushes in August, than we have Mexican blackberries ready to replace them.

There is no taste of spring. I declare that to be so. But I welcome suggestions to the contrary. I blame globalisation. It’s an easy horse to whip.


6 thoughts on “The Sense of Spring

  1. A good agua fresca made from local spring fruit is what I’m thinking about. And I know you can get fruit all year long, but there is just something about local produce that makes it so much better. But then, I’m in California where there is an abundance of wonderful local fruit and veggies 🙂


  2. Andean says:

    Culinary herbs first sprouting in my container garden, are the taste of spring for me. Until I read your post I didn’t realize when I leave the house I pinch a fresh sprig off to savor. Just tasted some fresh rosemary and oregano, spring is in the air.


    • I agree…you can taste it. But then again, most tasting is done with the nose, not the mouth. So it’s to be expected, perhaps. But anyway, you can’t have the same thing twice, and the smell of cut grass overpowers its taste!


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