Aussie Pink Floyd

Last night we went to see a Pink Floyd tribute band. From Australia. They don’t let you forget that. Who needs a flying pig when you can have a bouncing kangaroo on stage? Being a tribute band can have its curses. It’s tough to live up to the real act – that’s the comparison people will make. Pink Floyd are easier to copy than most bands though. Get the instrumentals and lasers right, and the vocals can be forgiven to a certain extent.

So how good are Aussie Floyd? Well, they got the instrumentals and lasers right. Can you see where this might go? Yep, their vocals ranged from sometimes good, to often a bit off, to downright weak. There were quite a few people there who’d seen them before though, who reassured me that they’re normally a lot better. But nevermind – their guitarist was on form. So it was a good show. It did bring home the fact that whilst Dave Gilmour is rather unassuming, and whilst his voice isn’t terribly celebrated, he is a quality singer.

One thing I thought the Aussie Floyd got wrong – too much pre Gilmour stuff. The Pink Floyd of Sid Barrett and the Pink Floyd of Dave Gilmour are chalk and cheese. And no one turned up for the chalk last night. We were there for the cheese. I’ve nothing against Barrett, and some of the old stuff is great in its own right. But those are tracks of their time, whereas from Dark Side onwards the tracks were timeless.

But we all enjoyed the show. Especially two slightly sozzled older gents who stood up, jumped around, played air guitar and fell over whilst the rest of us sat down and absorbed the show. They were scolded by security more than once. I couldn’t help but think, with a sense of irony, they’d gone to the wrong show. Last year I went to see Roger Waters in Mexico City, where everyone got drunk and jumped around. Except one guy, who got scolded for just sitting there absorbing the show. Yes, that guy was me.


15 thoughts on “Aussie Pink Floyd

  1. norm says:

    There is a Jazz/Blues riff in the Atom Heart Mother record that I have a hard time keeping at civilized levels-I like the old stuff just fine. Maybe it is the blend of the English pop sound and the southern US blues sound that the early stuff has that gets this old guy going.Obscured by Clouds was playing in the CD player this morning on the paper run (yes I still live in the stone age and read a paper-paper or three every day) .
    We get the Floyd tribute bands here as well, the local band shell finishes the season every year with Floyd, never fails to sell out its 10,000 seats. I always go if I can, it’s like a giant family reunion from back in the day.


    • I do like the old stuff too. It’s just I’d prefer to hear it on CD when I’m in the mood. It’s not the sort of stuff I’d necessarily pay money to see a tribute band perform.


  2. All that spazzing out is why I’ve given up on going to concerts here. There’s nothing here, you’ll learn time and time again, that can’t be made much better by utterly ruining it, and few things can ruin a show like a pair of 25 year old male teenage girls sitting a row or two behind you.


  3. Mony says:

    I just started reading your blog, your diary is very entertaining. I as well miss Mexico, because of the crimes, I have not visited. You are brave to have stayed there for so long during the crimes. Its a shame, mexico is beautiful, but los zetas are destroying it. Anyways your now on my bookmark list! Keep on posting!



    • Don’t let the ‘war on drugs’ put you off visiting amiga – Mexico City is probably safer today than it has been for decades. It won’t put me off – I’m heading back shortly.

      Anyway, it’s good to see you here and thanks for the comment!


  4. Mony says:

    My brother who lives in Monterrey says that the news exaggerates about the zetas, but my grandparents who live in Jalisco, say its bad over there. So they recommend I shouldn’t visit. Having overprotective parents, I will most likely not visit anytime soon. But who knows, a foreigner who lived there for years, and survived has made me rethink about visiting. =)


    • There are far more problems in the north of the country, but I’d still happily visit Monterrey or Guadalajara. News stations always focis on the bad stories. As for Mexico City – it’s been largely immune from the notorious war on drugs. Visit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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