Pixlr O Matic

I love the ease of use of the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s in my pocket wherever I go. It takes perfectly good photos with its 8mp sensor. And it’s a snap to upload and share the images. That’s a principal reason why I’m shooting my latest 365 project with the Samsung.

Another plus point of a camera phone are the apps you can download and use to take shots and then manipulate them with a huge variety of filters. Two apps that have been missing is the iPhone only Hipstamatic and Instagram. But the latter is shortly to debut on the Android platform, and there are alternatives. Although I’ve never been convinced that these Android alternatives are quite as good.

But then I found Pixlr O Matic. It’s fun, it’s good a huge variety of filter combos and it’s put into a snappy package that makes it quick and easy to use. It’s quickly become my favourite photo app. Although….there are so many combos that it’s easy to quickly go a bit OTT with the filters you’re applying. Such is life. I’m going to start building a set on Flickr – click here to see the first few shots.


11 thoughts on “Pixlr O Matic

  1. I adore Instamatic but I also like that you can play with photos elsewhere and then upload them on to your Instamatic account. So I use Diptic, Dynamic Light, Hipstamatic and Camera Awesome. I like the shot above. I am downloading Pixlr-o-Matic straight away!


    • I’m looking forward to getting Instagram on my device, when it eventually makes it over to Android. Pixlr is doing the job for now though! I look forward to seeing how you get on with it…do post the results!


  2. I didn’t realize you were shooting most of your pics with your S2. Do you miss the Olympus? I ‘ve been considering the Om-d / Em-5 but the cost of getting into SLR photography (lenses as well as camera) given today’s economy is an issue. The S2 makes a lot of sense.


    • I still have the Olympus and always take it with me if I go somewhere special! But for this 365 project I’m doing, and for everyday use, the Sammy is filling in just fine!

      I’d love the OM D. I;d also love a job that pays well enough for me to be able to afford an OM D!!!


  3. I killed my telephone last night. Accidentally. You have spoken so well of your S2, it is topping my list. And I suspect I will leave behind at least my right arm in Manzanillo as payment


    • The S2 is a fine camera. And whilst it’s been out a while now, it’s still pretty close to cutting edge. Why not wait till you’re in the US to buy one? You’ll keep most of that arm. I’m sure in Mexico, they’d have it off up to the shoulder.


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