Earthquakes and Angels

Mexico City, and of course the Pacific coast of the country, had a pretty good shaking the other day. There’s a video doing the rounds on social networks of the Angel of Independence during the quake. I’ve been up on the balcony at the feet of the angel. It’s scary enough at the best of times. I wouldn’t want to be there when she’s dancing to the tune of a temblor.

The poor angel has been a victim of quakes before. I wrote a post quite a long time back about my search for the fallen angel – it came off its pedestal during a big quake in the 1950’s. I did find it in the end. Well, her head. I think they may have simply patched up and polished the rest of her. The photo below shows the fruits of my search. Click here to see the other few shots I got.

Angel Front Quarter


2 thoughts on “Earthquakes and Angels

  1. Kim G says:

    F called me immediately following the quake. Amazingly enough, I had already heard about it from a friend in DC who texted me on her phone.

    It’s astonishing (and wonderful) that there was so little damage in DF, though I wonder about Ometepec. After the quake, I did a quick Google satellite view of that town, which from the air looks quite charming with fountains, squares, and lots of tile roofs. Apparently people are sleeping in their patios there as the aftershocks continue to roll in. I hope the town wasn’t too badly damaged.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, as a former Californian, I’m one of the few with earthquake insurance on my house.


    • I find it amazing that DF suffers so little damage from such severe quakes, especially considering the geology. The fact that the city doesn’t itself actually sit on a fault helps. But still.

      We don’t have specific earthquake insurance here – it’s included as standard. We could do with special Hooligan Cover is certain parts of the country though.


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