Olympic Design

There’s lot I like about the Olympics. But there is one area that I’ve really not taken to. The design of the logo and mascots have long been a bug bear. How the hell has pink and yellow found it’s way into the logo? It’s a ghastly combination. I thought so at first sight. I haven’t changed my mind since. It hasn’t grown on me.

I don’t think it’s grown on anyone. Which is why so much merchandise, official and unofficial (especially unofficial) sports the Union flag colour scheme instead. See my icon on the right hand side as an example. I do find it laughable that Iran found it so offensive though. Apparently it spells Zion, not 2012. Maybe they’re right. If you stare at it hard enough, while flagellating vigorously and squirting bleach in your eyes while chanting Death to Zion….maybe then it begins to look like it’s spelling Zion.

As for the mascot. Wenlock and Mandysomethingorother. Horrific. Embarrassing. The only consolation is that there’s a long history of appaling mascot design. It’s not just us Brits. In fact, it could be argued that we are just keeping the tradition going. There’s a list of Olympic mascots on Wiki. It’s very incomplete. I’ve searched out the missing mascots. You’re not missing anything. Be thankful the list is so incomplete.

This week was the unveiling of the Olympic kit for the British team. It took them years to design it. I’d have thought that taking the Union Flag, colouring it blue and adding a red collar would take a primary school student about five minutes. It’d probably have been cheaper to do as well. Maybe the kit will grow on me. Maybe not. The picture below flatters the kit. But a pretty woman makes anything look good.


6 thoughts on “Olympic Design

  1. I really like the outfits. I like the reimagining of the flag in blue. Then again, I think Olympics would be the only sport where I would be cheering Britons on as usually I support those in green and gold.

    I agree with you about the logo but strangely enough, I really like the mascots!


    • I love the way the British flag is adapted in all sorts of designs. Many countries, Mexico for example, do not allow such tinkering! But I’m still not won over by this design. But like I said, maybe it will grow on me.

      And in Mexico I cheered on the team in green! Unless they played England. In which case my foreign blood became more obvious than the pale skin on my face!


  2. Dan in nc says:

    I guess I am olde. For some reason, the logo, the uniforms, and the mascots are – to put it rather plainly – BUG UGLY!!!! I may be slightly biased as I failed to get any ONE of the 15 events I applied for. Although da “Missus” will be in London over the summer, she, like I, will be reduced to viewing on the Telly. She really does not give a toss – but it woulda been nice!
    Dan in nc


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