The Colour Conspiracy

The photo below is amongst the latest additions to my collection of English Spring flowers. Are those petals blue, or yellow? Colour is, it seems, important. I’ve noticed that some commentators – individuals, bloggers, forum participants and journalists – have taken issue with some people describing the killer of Trayvon Martin as a ‘white Hispanic’.

Why mention white? Surely Hispanic would suffice? I don’t know, nor much care. But I have noticed that a fair number of people who are upset at Zimmerman being described as a ‘white Hispanic’, get equally upset at Obama being referred to as black. He’s biracial, dontcha know. The importance of being precise in colour description? It seems to depend on convenience. It’s another good reason to ensure ‘racial profiling’ remains an historical abhorrence.  Consistency has never been a strong point with those on the extreme edge of the political world. Nor has the ability to learn from history. Or, in the case of the golden oldies, to learn from events from their own lifetimes.

But then, these are often the sort of people who describe Obama as a socialist. At that point, it’s clear they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. Not the slightest idea. Life isn’t so black and white.But, back to the flower. Is it blue, or yellow? Well. I’ve had a good long hard look at that flower, and given it some thought. I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s a flower.



7 thoughts on “The Colour Conspiracy

  1. Mony says:

    Interesting! I didn’t know Zimmerman was part hispanic, I thought he was fully white by his name. Though his appearance looked hispanic. Beautiful picture the mix of colors in the flowers are just gorgeous.


    • His father is white, his mother Peruvian. Apparently. An argument is being made that because he is not white, he didn’t act out of prejudice. It’s an old argument. Doesn’t wash.

      They are nice flowers. I have no idea what they are though.


      • Andean says:

        I think they are called pansies in the NE anyway and come in many colors, a solid color or a mixture of two or a few, interestingly enough.


        • They could be pansies. But they looked slightly different to the more easily identifiable pansies that sat in pots next to this bunch. Perhaps they are Hispanic Pansies…. 🙂


    • I’m not sure the term Hispanic is very easily defined. It seems to have a number of definitions, none of which tally quite with the others. But I think it’s best use is to describe someone from Spanish speaking nations of the Americas. Whether they are white, black, brown or shades in between.


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