Camera Lust Revisited

There are a couple of big plus points to having a DSLR camera. The bigger sensor allows for better creative control over depth of field, and also produces cleaner images at higher ISO’s in low light. I bought a Micro Four Thirds camera, the Olympus E-PL1 largely because of it’s bigger sensor, in comparison to the compacts I had owned before.

And I do get cleaner images at higher ISO’s. Which I’m very pleased with. Results regarding depth of field have been less successful. The bigger sensor is only part of it. Having a good lens with a higher aperture rating (preferably f2.0, although f2.8 would do) is also important. Sadly, I’ve been stuck with the standard f3.5 kit lens. Micro Four Thirds lenses are expensive.

But happy days. Sigma have decided to throw their hat into the MFT arena and produced a couple of very affordable lenses, which are now on my shopping list. But then, I always have something on my shopping list. The new Panasonic Lumix GF5, their most ‘pocketable’ MFT camera looks mighty fine. I like Panasonic. A lot. Their cameras seem to produce great images effortlessly. For a lazy photographer like me, that’s a huge plus.

Mrs P uses my old Panasonic TZ5, and gets great shots from it. I’m still very fond of that camera. I still keep an eye out for its successors. The TZ20 has just been released, and to be honest, if a dozen people asked me to recommend them a camera, that’s the one I’d point at least eleven of them to. It is a significant improvement on the previous model by all accounts, which was itself a great camera.

Thing is, at least 10 of those eleven people will go and unnecessarily buy themselves an expensive DSLR, which won’t fit in their pocket and thus won’t get to be taken out as often, nor shoot as many photos as they might otherwise have taken. Nor will they likely have the telephoto range of the TZ20. And because most of them will largely view the results on monitors or max A4 prints, they’d rarely be able to tell the difference between the TZ20 and their super duper DSLR.

The TZ20 won’t it must be said, produce low light shots of the same quality. But you can get some depth of field. You just have to go macro and get close to your subject. That works with almost any camera. My Olympus included. See below.



8 thoughts on “Camera Lust Revisited

  1. I am in the market for such a camera when I visit the U.S. next. Keep us posted should your reccommendation change or update. Of course no camera is going to give us your eye – but we will be happy to have a pocket size shooter to add to the camera collection of lenses and Canon DSLR


    • I’ll wager this. If you buy the TZ20, you’ll leave your DSLR behind at home a lot more than you might think you would. You’ll look at the Canon, look at the Panny, ponder things a moment and then slip the latter in your pocket. The TZ’s have always been so easy to use, easy to carry, fun to shoot with – and the results are surprisingly good. .


    • It’s a crazy camera….did you imagine when you bought your FZ35 (I think that’s what you got, right?) a couple of years ago that it wouldn’t be so long till a pocket camera would out zoom you?

      I guess a lot of people will have bias’ towards certain brands according to their experience. Me too, and although I’ve dabbled with a few brands, Panasonic is the one I think I have the highest respect for. I loved my TZ5. Based on that experience, the reviews I’ve read and Panny’s general ability to keep innovating, I couldn’t recommend this one highly enough. As you’ve had a Panny already, you’ll be pretty familiar with the set up and UI.

      Also has to be said, Panasonic invented the travel zoom camera with their original TZ, and have always seemed to stay one step ahead of the competition.

      If you do get one, I look forward to reading your review and seeing the results!


  2. I’ll have to research this. My Olympus, after just five months, pooped out. Froze! It got sent back and my account has been refunded. It took great photos, but zoom sometimes had problems. No the search is on…..


    • Ay Angeline, that’s a shame. I did read on your blog that it had gone wrong. Your photos keep coming though, and I’m enjoying following along!

      Another good thing to say about Panasonic is that they build their stuff to a pretty good standard. I’d hope it’d last you longer than 5 months. Mine is still going strong nearly four years later. Admittedly, it looks a bit scratched and battered, and I’ve left a splodge of wrecked pixels on the LCD – but I really have used it and abused it! It’s spend time 5000 metres up mountains, weeks next to hot beaches in salty air and months pounding the streets of Mexico City!

      I think you’d really enjoy the TZ20.

      I should post a disclaimer at this point: I’m NOT being paid by Panasonic!


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