DSLR versus Bridge

I came across the below video the other day. It’s fun. It doesn’t prove a point. Although I will go so far as to say it does offer some support to my opinion that Bridge cameras are too often, and too quickly, written off. The photos taken by the DSLR below do look a lot better to my eye. But I don’t know anyone with the lens that that guy has.

By the way, I’ve often questioned why no camera manufacturer has put a big sensor in a bridge camera. I’ve since read that there is a simple reason – you’d have to fit an enormous lens on it, similar in size to what Mr DSLR is carrying with him. The new, and at $800 – extremely costly, Fuji X-S1 does have a larger than normal sensor. It’s twice the size of a normal compact sensor.

I’d like that Fuji X-S1. A lot. Would I choose it over a DSLR? Yes. Experience with my Olympus tells me that buying new lens is a prohibitively costly business. Prohibitive, as in I haven’t bought any additional lenses. I had a Fuji HS10 and really enjoyed it – as my photo albums attest. I’d happily pay out for the much better X-S1. Besides, it can sometimes be tough to spot the difference between a DSLR and a compact. Now….just to go and find a spare $800.


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