Google+ Is Dead

I’ve given Google+ a fair crack of the whip. I wrote a post shortly before my Flickr sub came up for renewal about my decision to give Google a try. I bought extra storage space, signed up for Google+ and began sharing my photos there. But I shan’t any more. I’ve come to the end of the road with G+. At some stage before my $20 sub with Google comes to an end, I’ll delete off all my photos and just go for the $5 pack which gives me the 20 gigs of space – it’s useful for my Androidy stuff.

Why? Where to begin. They’re a silo. Picasa isn’t up to scratch. Picasaweb is ugly and lacks essential features. Google+ was prettier. Then, in a very Googlish way, they updated it. And uglified it. And why on earth do they keep two interfaces (Picasa and Google+) for your photos, with separate functions that force you to switch between them to do different tasks.

The photos sure do upload real quick through the web interface. Really, really quick. Suspiciously quick. I went into Picasaweb today to see if my suspicions were right. They were. It appears that when uploading directly through Google+, your photos are automatically reduced in size. I can’t even begin to describe what a massive fail that is.

Shrink and degrade photos by default?! No program should ever, ever do that. Especially one that is uploading to a paid for service. Maybe I’ve made a mistake, but I can’t see where. And I can’t believe I’d ever have changed the size setting to anything other than maximum resolution. The whole purpose of my using Google is as a back up.

Other photo sites are massively superior to Picasa/Google+. I had a few reservations about the beautiful looking 500px. They lacked an affordable paid plan, no Android app and no ability to create sets. They recently introduced a very affordable ($20) price plan, a fantastic mobile app and the ability to create sets. I love 500px – it’s my portfolio for my better shots. When I have $20 spare, I’ll be signing up. I absolutely love Instagram too. I should be easy to find on there by my username, garydenness. And Flickr, already heads and shoulders above the rest, is at last reinvigorating it’s offering.

I gave Google seven good months to win me over. The result? They’ve reinforced every negative opinion I had of them. There’s a few good products in the Google family. Reader. Chrome. And, of course, Search. Android is ok, in that it has a great App store. Although I’d switch to Windows Phone next time round if they have a more mature eco system. Pretty much everything else they do sucks. Not as in mediocre or sub standard, but as in defective or destructive. Google is the new Microsoft. And, ironically, Microsoft is becoming the new Google.

As for Google+ as a social netwok. Complete random strangers continue to add me at a huge pace. I have more than 2000 followers. I have little to no interest in them, nor do I much care what most of those (outside of the 54 who I’ve added back) think of my content. Quality, not quantity, is king for the average user.

Facebook has Google+ beaten hands down. Facebook is a social network. Google+ is confused. Google knows it too. They keep releasing fantastic figures. Tens of millions of users. And they go on to say what fantastic engagement with Google+ they’re getting. They are actually referring to users who have signed on to Google+ and then use other Google products. In other words, even if I never check into Google+ again for the rest of my life, Google will still count me as an active Google+ user every time I check Gmail, use Reader or search for something. Just a little misleading or a lie?


11 thoughts on “Google+ Is Dead

  1. Emm says:

    I upload full sized pics to Google (as in 4200px + for my media blog). You just need to select te correct options for both Google and Picasa desktop (or even your blogging platform if you’re using that).

    My biggest problem with Google + was suddenly everyone had access to my albums (which with photos like ours equates to people stealing and misusing our photos in my opinion). I tried to alter my privacy and suddenly you couldn’t see the images on my blog.

    So I gave up on Google + but the more I learn about author rank, the more I want to go back and make it work this time. What to do?


    • I get the uploading options in Picasa and Picasaweb. But I don’t use Picasa and I avoid Picasaweb whenever possible – it offends my eyes! So I’d been uploading direct through Google+, and that is where the issue is. There may be an option to change the default resolution. I can’t be bothered to look. I am hugely bothered that the Google default is to shrink the res!

      We probably have different opinions on ‘theft’ of photos! Mine is that the only way to prevent theft is to not upload them to the internet at all. And that’s not an option. Most use of my photos on other sites is perfectly legal because I license them under a generous non-commercial Creative Commons license. And almost all of those who use my photos credit me. I’m fine with that. It’s great that my photos get shared around. The more the merrier!

      Besides, I make very little money from my photos. A thousand bucks a year at most. And the people that buy my images wouldn’t steal. The people who steal, wouldn’t ever part with money for them. So I’m really not losing out.

      Author Rank – I wouldn’t worry about it as far as Google+ is concerned. Other than, perhaps, making sure that you have a Google+ share button on your website. It’s based around others sharing your work. You can promote yourself through Google+, but given that Google+ is dead (if you buy into my post, anyway!) and there is so little engagement, the effects are going to be really limited. All in my opinion, of course.

      I would say that for every person who has told me that they like Google+, at least a dozen dislike it or don’t know what it is. I would say that, but I can’t. Because I’m still waiting for someone I know to tell me they like it….perhaps someone will offer a comment and be that person!


      • Emm says:

        Heh. I don’t make any money from my photos at all, they’re just not good enough. The other day my own Mum uploaded one of my stolen photos, all covered in a poem, and then only realised it was one of my own photos.


  2. I dropped out of Google+ a few months ago, mostly for privacy concerns. It seemed as though, for example, every time I broke wind, my Circle or Folowers would be notified. Then, I’d get endless notifications that “someone” has posted a comment on a photo. After an initial good impression, I grew to dislike the dynamic photo interface of Google + as compared to PicasaWeb Albums. Photos are not movies. They should hold still when you look at them.

    When I cut the ties, I found then that I couldn’t comment (I’d type, but the comment would vanish when I clicked “submit”) on most PicasaWeb photos other than my own. It seemed random. I have some problems still commenting on Blogspot blogs, if using Chrome as my browser. No problem if I use Safari Mac.

    IMO, the best Google products are Search and Maps. I’m mad about Maps. I absolutely love Street View.

    Don Cuevas


    • Blogger has it’s upsides. Particularly that it is so customisable and is also free. But I really hate the way it looks.

      Maps…oh, I forgot the maps! They are fantastic. Bing does good maps, but their street view (although being really nice and innovative) hasn’t gotten anywhere near as far as Google. Their cars seem to have traversed every nook and cranny on the planet!


  3. richmont1234 says:

    I must5 admit that I had hoped that Google + would be the answer to my privacy concerns but alas is not. Seemed that I had protection from every Tom, Dick & Harry looking at my stuff but that is not the case! I’ve not used their picture handling programs much other than in conjuction with Blogger. Piccasa other than providing a nice timeline sucks! I do think that Google is utterly confused! It has a supermarket of great ideas but does not know how to put them to good use nor how to market them.


    • A lot of people have privacy concerns with Google. My good friend Mr K steers well clear of all Google products! I work on a basic assumption – if it’s private and I don’t want to share it, I don’t put it on the internet, full stop.


  4. Kim G says:

    We all need to keep in mind that Google is a huge advertising company, and advertising is what pays the bills around there. Call me paranoid, but I won’t even download the Chrome browser for fear of what it might be doing in the background.

    As for having random “friends” or followers, I totally agree. About a year and a half ago, I signed up for Twitter and made a few tweets, but ultimately grew bored with it. But still to this day, random “people” whom I’ve never heard of (I suspect most are some kind of bot/spam system) are signing up to “follow” me. Creepy in my opinion.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we probe the boundary between skepticism and paranoia.


    • It’s ironic, really. In my teens I dreamed of being followed by hordes of hot, scantily clad young ladies offering all sorts of carnal delights. Now that it has – virtually – happened, I too find it a little creepy….



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