Abbey Road

The zebra crossing is a feature of every British high street. The rules are simple. Pedestrians wait by the side of the road at the zebra crossing, until traffic halts, allowing them to cross. Drivers approaching a zebra crossing where there are pedestrians waiting must stop to allow them to cross.

There’s an exception to every rule, and this zebra crossing is that exception. Any informed driver approaching it will not stop to let the waiting crowds cross. For a simple reason. If he or she stops, the pedestrians won’t cross. They don’t want you to stop. You’ll be an unwanted intrusion in their photo. Uninformed drivers do stop, and there is then an awkward impasse. There’s actually a live 24 hour webcam showing the crossing – you can go and see what I mean for yourself.

Yes indeed, this is that zebra crossing. The one made famous by the Beatles in the late 1960’s. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Even today, hordes of tourists – mostly, but by means exclusively, foreign – cross there, with camera toting friends snapping away to try and duplicate that result. There are even plenty of famous people who do it. As certified by the photo below, Paola has now crossed this off her ‘To Do In London’ list. I have a handful of photos to prove it, on Flickr.


10 thoughts on “Abbey Road

  1. Amigo you are lucky to have such a beautiful and photogenic ‘model’ for many of your photos. I too am lucky in that regard – hooray for us 😉

    You are doing your best to make her famous btw – she is with me 😉


    • I hope your model is easier to get to smile than mine! I’m being unfair…. a saint would be running out of patience at having a camera thrust is his or her face as much as Mrs P suffers… 🙂


  2. Kim G says:

    So if the police are feeling naughty, do they hang out and ticket those who –by not stopping– are doing a favor to all the tourists?

    Could raise some nice bit of revenue, eh?

    Rather a catch-22.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think you should see Felipe’s suggestion for my blog title. LOL.


    • I’d imagine they’d stick a camera there to auto-fine all those miscreants without having to go to the expense of actually paying a policeman to do police work!

      I must confess, I’ve been a very infrequent visitor to Felipe World – I had to go see what the suggestion was. But he might be on the money there Kim…! 🙂


  3. Dan in NC says:

    Looks like the road and crossing have seen significant wear and tear over the years! I also noted the preponderance of newer curb markings! You would think the local council would want to spiff up the crossing for the tourists that visit the area… Hmmmmmm?
    Dan in NC


    • It’s really only the wall of the Abbey Road Studios itself that seems to have remained exactly the same. Of course, that the trees were in full leaf in the Beatles photo doesn’t help!


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