Olympics 2012

The Olympic Dark Side

There’s plenty to look forward to at this summer’s Olympic Games. But there are clouds hanging overhead, threatening to burst gloom and doom upon the capital. The big worry for the authorities are terrorist attacks. I find it difficult to believe that there aren’t people actively planning an atrocity or two. The only question is whether they can be thwarted. No chances are being taken.

Another cloud is one that has hung over every Olympiad for decades – the drug cheats. I find it sad that proven cheats such as Dwain Chambers will be allowed to compete for a place at the tournament. In my opinion, anyone found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs should be shown the door, which should then be locked with the key thrown away.

The final cloud? The political misuse of the games. I understand that many Argentines believe the Falklands to belong to Argentina. I understand that they would like the UK to transfer sovereignty of the islands over to Argentina. But do Argentines understand that their president is doing everything within her power to ensure that the islands remain British? Just to bolster her support during a difficult financial situation, and at a time when she is isolating Argentina from much of the rest of the world? Probably not.

General Galtieri did his bit to ensure that the Falkland Islands remain a British territory for several generations to come. De Kirschner has done her bit to add a generation or two to that. The recent video ‘incident’ is really quite petty, particularly with the athlete concerned using a war memorial as an exercise step,  and serves only to keep an open wound festering. I did like this spoof video though…


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