Travel Up One Way

I’ve never quite understood why a one way long haul flight costs the same, or more, than a return ticket. Or at least, I’ve never heard a rational explanation as to why. Flights from the UK, thanks to excessive taxation, have become prohibitively expensive. To the point that to get to Mexico City,  it’s cheaper to catch a bus to Paris and fly from Charles de Gaulle. In case you’re wondering, the Paris route, including a bus there, costs about £565 versus the £700 plus it costs from London. Ridiculous.

I do search long and hard for flights though, and start well in advance. And I may have stumbled across a potential bargain. It does seem possible to get a one way ticket to Mexico from London. There are two companies offering the fare. The first is, a shady looking company based in the Netherlands who are not ATOL members. I wouldn’t touch them with a very long stick.

The other is Travel Up, who look a bit more professional, are ATOL members and are based in the UK. They get mixed reviews, and I’m the positive ones aren’t convincingly genuine. It has to be said, people tend to leave reviews when they have something negative to say. I also understand what I’d be buying, and the consequences. Not a ticket from London to Mexico City with a connection in Madrid. I’m getting two single tickets, London to Madrid and Madrid to Mexico.  The flight to Madrid is with Air Europa, a Spanish airline, owned largely by Spanish banks. Which is further reason to pause. How will they be doing in September/October? Rest assured, I’d be paying with a credit card, not debit card. One would want the protection.

Normally, I’d probably steer clear. But it’s a one way ticket with a one way price. Plus, I need two tickets – that’s £780 instead of £1,400. It’s a big saving, to say the least. I’m going to keep checking them out, and monitor prices before I commit myself. I’ve been through the booking process as far as one can without typing in card details. It seems fine, and there was no sudden last minute jump in the price. We’ll see. And I’ll let you know. Travel Up will be getting either a rave review or a dose of literary wrath on these pages at some stage!


14 thoughts on “Travel Up One Way

  1. I don’t know exactly who is to blame, but when you can fly cheaper somewhere by purchasing a round trip ticket, then simply toss the returning leg, there is something basically wrong. I don’t know if the problem will ever get fixed, but I for one, will do anything in my power not to fly domestically anymore simply because of the hassle and stupidity of the processes that have been instituted for “my” protection…..
    Between the taxes, fuel surcharges, extra charges for a bag, seat belt, water, breathing air, they are simply nickel and dining the consumer to death. We won’t even get into the passenger abuse by sitting in a plane for hours on the ground…….


    • If there were an option, I’d probably prefer to to take it. But ships between the UK and Mexico take a mighty long time to complete the voyage and are even more prohibitively expensive. I will simply have to suffer the ills of 21st century air travel…


  2. Andean says:

    And why is it that sometimes we have to first fly way up north or way down south to get to the western coast, from the eastern coast — makes no sense to me.


  3. Kim G says:

    Check out You can put in your city pairs there, and it will send you an e-mail when it finds a good fare. I’ve signed up for several cities, and the e-mail flow is still fairly low. Also, they don’t send you spam; only fares you’d be interested in.

    I look forward to seeing you again in Mx, as it appears likely that you’ll be there before I get to London.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our last trip to Mx was on a Wednesday as that saved me about $200 compared to Saturday.


    • I did check it out, but alas, it seems to only serve up flights originating in North America. I’ve been using Kayak and Skyscanner of late, which seem to be dredging up the widest selection of routes and fares.

      Ironically, to get that £390, the only day I can travel is Saturday. Although the lay over in Spain is 18 hours, so that leg departs Sunday.


  4. Dan in NC says:

    Gary, I agree with Kim as to the validity of the watchdog site. I am also signed up for it. But another site I use is “hipmunk” to visually display the impact of traveling certain fares.. Have a look when you get a chance..
    Dan in NC


    • I’ve been using Hipmunk for a while. I think I was probably one of the earlier adopters…I sourced my flight from Mexico to London from there!

      It’s the best search site out there in many ways, but I do find it restricts itself to only the major airlines sometimes.


  5. Jessica says:

    Oh my word… DO NOT encourage people to use Travel Up. They are the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Horrifically rude, disorganised, untrustworthy and uncaring. STAY AWAY!!!


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