Olympics 2012

The Expensive Austerity Games

Costs are being cut left, right and centre. Except for ticket and merchandise costs. Of course. Oh, and the security costs. But then this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase one of our biggest industries. Say I, with a touch of sarcasm.

I was very disappointed to see that they have decided to charge £15 for a ride to the top. Not, if I might be so bold as to suggest, in the spirit of either austerity or the Olympics. I’m not alone in thinking so, of course.

A fairer price would have been £10 at most. With a discount for games ticket holders, perhaps. Or you can just watch the video below, a time-lapse of the construction, completely free of charge.


4 thoughts on “The Expensive Austerity Games

  1. richmont1234 says:

    It was fascinating seeing the structure(?) go up! Free is much better I must say. Don’t know how you grits can afford the games.


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