The Expensive Austerity Games

Costs are being cut left, right and centre. Except for ticket and merchandise costs. Of course. Oh, and the security costs. But then this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase one of our biggest industries. Say I, with a touch of sarcasm.

I was very disappointed to see that they have decided to charge £15 for a ride to the top. Not, if I might be so bold as to suggest, in the spirit of either austerity or the Olympics. I’m not alone in thinking so, of course.

A fairer price would have been £10 at most. With a discount for games ticket holders, perhaps. Or you can just watch the video below, a time-lapse of the construction, completely free of charge.

4 thoughts on “The Expensive Austerity Games

  1. It was fascinating seeing the structure(?) go up! Free is much better I must say. Don’t know how you grits can afford the games.


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