Honda Sunset

A year has passed, along with just over 7,000 miles. My Honda S-Wing just passed it’s first birthday. And she is riding as smoothly and reliably as the day I picked her up from the dealers. And yet I still don’t have a name for her. All cars and bikes that have found a way into their owners hearts should have a name. It’s not too late. I name thee, my dear Honda, Comadre. Sweet and simple.

Yet soon I must say goodbye to my Comadre. I took her for a special clean at a local jet wash, picked a spot on the drive on a sunny morning, and snapped away. Potential buyers will want to see a nice selection of photos. One of the potential buyers is going to be a very lucky actual buyer. I think, having studied the competition, that £2,650 is a fair asking price. I am throwing in a helmet, disk lock.

And a fabulous black Dainese motorcycle jacket. That jacket might be 15 years old, but it’s been well looked after and apart from light but expected wear around the cuffs and collars, but it’s otherwise good as new. It’s Gore Tex and boasts Kevlar shoulder and elbow pads. It cost £500 when I bought it. And to be fair, it has spent half of those 15 years on a hanger. You can have a looky see at my Comadre on Flickr.



5 thoughts on “Honda Sunset

  1. Kim G says:

    What’s with the big, red “L” on the windscreen?

    When do you plan to be back in DF?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our own, considerably younger motorcycle jacket bears a few scars of experience.


    • The big red L is for ‘Lazy’. Also for ‘Learner’. Indeed, after more than 20 years on British roads riding on two wheels, I’ve never bothered to take my test and have those shameful red L’s removed. Shouldn’t think I’ll be bothering to change that any time soon….


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