The Closet Monarchist

I returned home yesterday to find Mrs P had draped bunting across the exterior of the house. Who’d have imagined? A closet monarchist indeed. Alternatively, she just enjoys a party, the colours and the atmosphere. There’ll be plenty of that in London when we arrive on Sunday, I’m sure. I’ve always found the word ‘bunting’ to be rather peculiar. There was boy at school called Bunting. He was exactly as you’d expect someone called Bunting to be – rather weird. An oddball. Still, it was a rather a well-to-do school, so he’s probably now Sir Bunting. Although, on second thoughts, he wasn’t terribly smart. Quite the opposite in fact. So perhaps he is Lord or Baron Bunting of Somewhere or Other. That’s how we roll here.

We’ll be leaving by bus at the crack of dawn tomorrow and shan’t return till the early hours of Tuesday morning. We have another trip which requires us to depart on Tuesday afternoon – three nights in Paris, which I’m sure will be very nice. So there may be little chance of blogging or uploading to Flickr for some while. But fear not, you can follow me on Instagram and get on the spot photo updates. Or, if you prefer your digital content on the PC rather than the smartphone, there’s my Tumblr blog, Instagary. All my Instagram photos go there at the same time, plus there’ll be a few videos too I dare say.



8 thoughts on “The Closet Monarchist

  1. I have been reading Richard Brookhiser’s biography of James Madison. Last night I finished up the chapter on the War of 1812. We got our national anthem out of it and little more. Other than another century of dislike for the British Empire. All things considered, I will take the special relationship. Enjoy your days away.


  2. richmont1234 says:

    I took the instagram tour and really like the pictures. It the first time that I have gone in to see and album and was quite impressed. Have a great holiday with Paola!


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