Day Two Hundred Forty Four

That’s as far as I got. Two hundred and forty four photos. That’s as far as I’m going to get. I’ve had enough. Can’t go on. Don’t want to go on. Doing a 365, or a 366 as this year was supposed to be, is surprisingly tough. I found that out last time I did it, although I made it through to the bitter end that time. Which, frankly, makes it easier to quit this time. I already have one successful project behind me.

But I’m utterly bored of this one. I have been for weeks. Months. So I’m calling it a day. The last photo I took meant I finished eight months. I’ve had some fun doing it, and have a bunch of photos to show for it. I’ll enjoy looking back at them some day. But I have no urge to carry on.

I might do another 365 one day. When I’m back in Mexico. But one thing I will do then, will be to make it as simple as possible. It’s not the taking photos that’s a chore. It’s the uploading them to Flickr, getting them into the right set and then embedding them in a post in the 365 blog. It’s too time consuming and laborious.

Next time I’ll just do it all direct through the Instagram app and tag it ‘365’. It’ll appear in my Instagary blog, and save me a huge amount of time and hassle. I will still be taking plenty of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2, of course. You can see them all on the aforementioned Instagary blog. And you can see the best eight photos from the aborted project below.


9 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Forty Four

  1. Don’t know if I should have clicked on the Liked button or not. May I say that I totally understand? I’m at 216 and, so far, so good. I’m just uploading to WP direct, so no inbetween steps, but some days that’s even too much. It has helped me practice my photography, and for that, I’m glad that I decided on the 365, otherwise I may have been more loosey goosey about it. I think what is bothering me is not posting older photos from my archives, but I guess I could do that as well. …..At any rate, I’ll see you over on Instagram.


    • Liking the post is just fine! I’ve got a good eight months of photos there which is better than nothing. You keep going though…..you have to finish at least one 365 project and you’re getting within sight of the finish line!


    • A forced march….that is exactly how it come to feel.

      Don’t come up with a similar conclusion. I hugely enjoy your blog, and wish I commented more often. Alas…the time constraints that afflict those of us who still have to work for a living!

      The advantage you have is that there’s no obligation pushing you on. You can re-evaluate, reinvent and rejig your blog to fit your needs. With the 365, there really was a necessity for a post a day.


  2. We out here have been the benefactors of your effort to some degree – you have an excellent eye (and a beautiful central subject I might add). Don’t give up on supplying us photos please.


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