London’s Anthem

I’ve not been a big fan of some of the design elements of the London 2012 games, particularly the mascots and the plans for the opening ceremony. Although, as I have mentioned before, the latter might yet surprise us. We can but live in hope. Bits and pieces of the Olympic jigsaw continue to be revealed though, and the latest couple of releases are good. Firstly, there is the BBC Olympic trailer. It’s slick, if a little gimmicky and over reliant on CGIs. It captures the spirit of both the Olympics and London very nicely.

Secondly, and a much bigger release, is the official London 2012 Olympic Anthem. This is the tune that will accompany the triumphant sportsmen and women to the podiums to collect their medals. I liked the song the first time I listened to it, although I must confess to not being much of a fan of Muse. Each time I hear it, the better it sounds. I love it. And again, it captures the essence of the Olympics whilst clearly being a very British sounding piece of music.

The song has a very Freddie Mercury/Queen ring to it. Which is no band thing. And, of course, Freddie did have his Olympic musical moment once upon a time. If the IOC force YouTube to take down the video I’ve embedded below, you can go here to see it on their official channel.


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