Vote Obama! Or Romney…

Everywhere I look, there’s political turmoil. It’s not surprising really, I guess – a sound economy tends to produce political apathy. Not many countries, if any, are boasting sound economies at the moment. It’s not election year in the UK at the moment, although the British political system and the uncertain state of the coalition does mean that that could all change. In an instant. The controversy of the moment is all about reform of the House of Lords. Some believe it should be an elected body, rather than the chamber of old unelected and unaccountable duffers it currently is.

I’m inclined to believe the status quo is preferable, although I’d like to see a few changes. The House of Lords does have a political role, although it can only delay the workings of the House of Commons, where the PM and MPs all sit. The Lords can be over-ridden. That’s a good thing. Having some involvement by unaccountable and unelected old duffers is also a good thing, in my opinion. They have a far greater tendency to show up because they have a passion for politics, rather than for the pay. They also tend to speak their mind, rather than follow the party line. And their opinions and thoughts aren’t swayed by thoughts of pandering to the electorate – they don’t need anyone’s vote. Some things need to be said, even unpopular things.

How about Mexico? I’m missing all the drama. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Everyone’s been screaming for drugs to be legalised and the government to take control of the narcotics trade. They’ve got half their wishes granted, haven’t they? Apparently, if what I’ve read is true. Or even half true. There are question marks over the election, I grant you. Probably more than six years ago, even if the result isn’t as close. But I suspect that the PRI of new probably won’t be the PRI of old. If I’m wrong, let’s hope it’s the PRI of the Mexican Miracle and the not the PRI of the December Mistake. A lot is being said of the president elect and what will happen. I, on the other hand, think there is nothing certain about the new administration. We’ll have to wait and see.

How about our good friends in the US? I don’t know where to begin. They pay triple in health costs what we in Europe pay. And die earlier. I’ve been told by some defenders of the system that this is down to cultural reasons. You know…shootings and stuff. I’m not sure how that explains the higher infant mortality rate. I personally think it’s inexcusable for a developed country like the US to not have a government funded health service. For a number of reasons. We can argue about it in the comments if you like.

The November election looks far, far too close to call at the moment, although I notice those who really hate Obama have already declared victory. It appears that the big issues in the US at the moment is what colour is Obama’s skin exactly. And where was he born, exactly. And that Obama is a socialist. So, the same sort of stuff as four years ago and ever since. The answers, in case anyone is interested are: not important, Hawaii and no he isn’t by an awfully long shot. These answers will not appease morons, of course. I suspect most voters will mostly cast their ballots based on jobs and the economy.  I would probably vote for Obama if I had the vote. Purely based on his health care program (which is an awkward, unbalanced step in the right direction) and that he doesn’t believe in this.

Oh, and also because Romney hasn’t got a clue what the issue is with the 99% and 1%. To be honest, I don’t think most of the Occupy protesters have either. But there is something very wrong when an economy not only becomes so divided, but also exclusive.  This guy definitely hasn’t got a clue. And isn’t it ironic that when capitalism falls over, the only way of saving it is through socialism? The opposite can also be argued to be true. Either way, we need a system where everyone has a fair shot at success, not one where futures come pre-determined.

But what I’d really like to know, is which of the two contenders will be better for Mexico? Obama or Romney? I would like to hear some opinions on this subject. I suspect ole Mitt might be better for the Mexican economy going on track record. So perhaps I’d vote for him instead. One thing is for sure. He’ll always have a home away from home awaiting him in Mexico City – the Aztec inspired Mormon temple.



4 thoughts on “Vote Obama! Or Romney…

  1. norm says:

    Having done politics most of my adult life, I’m a bit jaded about the whole idea. I’ll vote Democrat in the next election as I have in the past, I’ll even go door to door and pass out papers with slogans touting what a bad guy the Republicans have put forth and how great our guy is; I’ll hold my nose when I vote. I’m not happy with ether party but when you only have two-you have to chose. I’ve lived under Republican leadership and Democratic leadership, the Dems have better policy as far as I can see. Four more years…


    • Neither candidate really does much for me either. If I were previously a pamphlet distribution agent for the Dems, I probably wouldn’t bother this time. But Obama would still get my vote.

      A lot of right wingers seem to be bent on ‘Anyone but Obama’. Stalin? Fidel? Mao? Anyone? There’s even a few who’d go for Bush Jr. No thanks. It kinda shows how much thought is being put into this.

      The Reps seem to have an infestation of extremists dictating policy at the moment. And Romney is the product. He personally turns me off. Big time.

      Perhaps, if he wins, and things go bad for the US, he’ll be rewriting his resume in a decade or so. Sure, he was still officially president of Bainthe US till 2016, but actually he retired in 2014, just before the really socially disgusting policies were enacted. ‘Not my fault guv!’.


  2. Kim G says:

    In my view, the USA is fairly likely to have a recession after the election, if we aren’t already in one. Why? Because our fiscal situation is unsustainable. Either taxes have to go up or spending has to go down. Unless this is handled with the utmost finesse (which is EXTREMELY unlikely in today’s Washington, DC), the combination of these two factors will push the USA into a recession.

    And since Mexico sends 80% of its exports to the USA, it will likely go into recession too, or at least slow down. This will put further pressure on the peso, thus delighting US retirees there who have incomes in USD.

    As for who should win, I really don’t think it’s going to matter a whole lot. Whoever wins will be dealt an even tougher hand than was dealt Obama when he became president in the middle of the financial crisis. The USA is approaching a point where there really are few if any good choices.

    As for which will be better for Mexico, I think it’ll be a wash for the above reasons.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where due to the wackiness of our electoral system, our vote for president is completely irrelevant anyway.


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